Dem girls, dem girls, dem baaaaad girls

(to the tune of “dem bones”)

I seriously don’t know what has gotten into these kids. Spring fever?
So they attempted to pull the cheese trick another TWO times today (got caught red handed both times).
Then, they stole a box of wipes (any mom can tell you how precious wipes are, they are gold) and took them ALL out one by one and dropped them in varying states of crumpledness all over their cheese-covered floor. (The vacuum hasn’t arrived yet…)
The irony of it all is that I have been getting up an hour earlier each day and supervising them more often.

I can’t wait to move to a house with a fenced-in backyard. Give ’em shovels and let them play “dig the hole, fill it back up” over and over! Feels like that is the game I am playing most days, anyway.

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9 Responses to Dem girls, dem girls, dem baaaaad girls

  1. Ah…I feel for you…Emma is my wipe-destroyer. I have to keep the wipes on the top of my bookshelf, since she gets ahold of them whenever she can and takes every single one out of the box. She does that to tissues, too, but the wipes are always more tragic.Are you feeling better?

  2. miriamel78 says:

    whew…a backyard does make all the difference. 

  3. whiffet says:

    Alice in Chains?? You??

  4. Actually, Ben, that would be THEM Bones… I was referring to the classic spiritual song about Ezekiel 37… LOL.

  5. Lisa – yes I’m happy to report I’m almost at 100%. My regimen seems to have worked. Apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, ginger chicken soup, and lots of warm fluids. 2 days and it’s over.

  6. You just made me realize that maybe my mom was trying to keep me occupied and out of her hair when she would “let me” play in the backyard with nothing but a little shovel, a little bucket, the wide expanse of dirt, and the hose. I would dig holes, pour some water in, dig some more . . . for hours! And I thought I was getting away with something!
    That photo of Miriam with the dolly in her shirt is precious.  ~KTL

  7. Would you consider putting a First Alert alarm on your refrigerator door since those little girls are getting into so much trouble with the refrigerator these days? I used to have First Alert alarms on all my doors and windows at my last apartment. They’re cheap ($10 for a set of four) and emit a loud, annoying beep until the door is closed again. You can disable the alarms with a switch, so when you’re cooking dinner and opening the refrigerator yourself, you don’t have to hear it going off over and over. You could just affix the alarm high enough that the girls cannot reach it and turn off the switch themselves. ~KTL
    First Alert:

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