Tummy Time

Christina is doing very well on her tummy now.  (Anyone think she’s looking a little more like Dave’s side lately?)

Speaking of tummy, I successfully made a batch of yogurt! I am really excited. I’m planning to do this one or two times a week (depending on how fast we go through it). It’s really easy, total prep is about 20 minutes and for the rest, it just requires that you be around to monitor the temperature and switch to the fridge when it’s done. I mistakenly started it too late in the day (8pm) and ended up having to get up at 2 am to refrigerate it after the incubation time was up, but next time I will start it earlier!

Quick kid-news from yesterday, under the heading of “Never the Same Thing Twice,” the girls conspired (aack! conspiracy!) to get the jar of coffee beans, bring it into the powder room, drop most of them on the floor, chew up the rest, and then spit the chewed-up coffee beans on my mattress cover.  Yeah. You can’t really make this stuff up.

Late Breaking News: I had to stifle a laugh, even though I was so mad that they ruined the only loaf of bread we had for the week. I had just taken it out of the freezer to thaw and sat down to nurse the baby. (I feel like it’s either, starve Christina, or constantly be surprised at what happens while she eats!) Naturally, this was only minutes after cleaning the floor.

Jireh was taking bites out of a chunk of bread composed of 4 or 5 slices frozen together,

while Miriam was ripping up the rest of the loaf into my centerpiece bowl.

I guess I won’t have any shortage of breadcrumbs this week.

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10 Responses to Tummy Time

  1. she looks so cute.
    wow your own yogurt. cheese, next?
    yuk re: the coffee- WHERE do they get these ideas?? they have incredible minds. they must take after beccah. no one else was that mischievious. remember when she sprayed the shades blue with windex?        

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a little cutie pie! I love her little grin, too cute! I think our kids lay awake at night and think of these crazy ways to torture mommy =) LOL!

  3. holliep says:

    Your own yogurt? Wow, I am impressed. I wouldn’t even think to try something like that. You’re amazing.

  4. Akialuz says:

    that’s a sweet pic!  Christina looks so happy and proud of herself.

  5. oh my goodness. they crack me up!!

  6. Momof2js says:

    Whoa, I sure do like to read your post at the end of the day because it always makes my day look like a breeze. Is there anything that the girls have not managed to open and investigate in your house? So funny (at least for your readers).

  7. Did Miriam have any logic behind making bread crumbs? Did she think she was helping you cook? ~KTL

  8. Oh, and now I feel behind about not putting John down for tummy time! We rarely do it because we’ve had such bad problems with him spitting up that I have to keep him vertical much of the time. But, I think we’ve turned a corner. Before, he was screaming in pain much of the day from spitting up, but now it seems he’s converted to a “happy spitter.” He still spits up copiously, but it doesn’t seem to hurt him at all. Now, I don’t want him spitting up too much because it ruins all our clothing and means I have to nurse him more, but at least he’s not in pain. Anyway, whenever I think to give him tummy time, I have to calculate when he last ate, which is often. Argh. ~KTL

  9. I don’t think she thought she was “helping” per se but I’m sure she thought she was cooking.The kids just do not understand that things cost money. It’s frustrating but what can I expect. They’re just kids!As for tummy time I know what you mean, it is a balancing act to determine when the optimal time is. Right after eating they are generally happy, but more likely to spit up… whereas closer to the next feeding they are more cranky and not as willing to play… there is a small window of opportunity!

  10. Amanda says:

    Hmm…I am reading your archives because your kids, man, your kids are hilarious.And I had to wonder after reading this: what would a big mouthful of partially frozen bread feel like? Ugh. Lol.

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