Soren’s first buzz cut

His hair was starting to drive me crazy. I was putting off cutting it because it has been cold, but then I bought him a hat. Much warmer than hair anyway.

Bonus picture of Jireh

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15 Responses to Soren’s first buzz cut

  1. AnniWongTon says:

    He can’t be any cuter!  people might eat him.

  2. holliep says:

    the new haircut suits him.

  3. Oh my goodness to cute. I love that first shot. Abd you new profile pic.

  4. Søren looks like a drunkard with that red nose. Jireh looks like a sailor with that hat.

  5. Momof2js says:

    I’m always sad when I cut the boys’ hair short because it makes them look older. He looks great though. Far better than my first attempts (or even my current attempts).

  6. mr_jargon says:

    Do you have any tips for not getting Jireh and Miriam’s names mixed up?

  7. mr_jargon says:

    Oh, what are you looking at in that profile picture?

  8. I’m looking at my SIL. It’s from her 21st birthday party. Miriam is the one that looks exactly like me, so just think of her as “Mini-Me” and that should keep you straight.

  9. mr_jargon says:

    Hilarious, no doubt that fact played a role in the name choosing process…

  10. Akialuz says:

    is that what people call a George Clooney?  he looks good.  Very handsome.

  11. tskerritt says:

    “Søren looks like a drunkard with that red nose.”
    Wow.  Harsh.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Søren looks adorable with his new hair cut!! My family is trying to get me to cut Micah’s hair, but I just wont/cant do it yet! Not till he is 1!!! And I love your profile picture! How do you manage to have 4 kids 4 and under and still look so good?

  13. Soren looks cute.We need to buzz Timothy’s hair, too.

  14. Sam usually looks like a drunkard too. Red noses unite.

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