I figured it out! At last I have the answer. I discovered the secret to managing a household, cleaning, keeping up with laundry, and nutritiously feeding and taking care of four children under four.
It’s simpler than I thought: You just have to wake up early, and not sit down or stop working for one second the entire day (including while nursing – this will not work without a sling). Multitask at all times.

Then you, too, can have a clean house and four happy, well fed children!

(Disclaimer: this plan will not, however, prevent Miriam from writing with pen on the computer monitor; Jireh from dumping out your new lotion somewhere yet to be determined; or Soren from getting into your thread spools and bobbins.)

I think I need a long, hot bath…

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14 Responses to Eureka!!

  1. Momof2js says:

    multitask and don’t forget…highly entertain all your friends who read your blog.

  2. what- you didn’t know all that already?
    none of those things that still happened could have happened in my house.  i never have a working pen or marker, i’ve been out of lotion for a month & we never heard of spools and bobbins.
    in all seriousness, i do not know how you manage so beautifully. very impressive.

  3. miriamel78 says:

    I feel your pain……

  4. I have to tell you, everytime I take Sam to the grocery store with me, I think of you going with your first three kids. Last time you mentioned that, Sam wasn’t here yet so I had no idea what an amazing task it was. I would say you’re insane but as far as I remember the trip worked out well. So kudos my dear! I have you to look up too.

  5. Sarah, I added you to my permissions for our blog. You should get an e-mail about it soon. I am sorry that it has taken me so long. I have been spending every spare minute doing our taxes. Yuck!I think, that even were it possible to sustain constant activity like that for more than a day or two, it still would not result in anything near perfection. I have been trying for months to keep a schedule, which I think is great in theory, but not one single day, in all those months, has been “normal” and according to schedule. Interruptions are almost non-stop, and it is always something different with toddlers: like the things you describe. Or yesterday, 15 minutes after I changed Emma, she had a diaper explosion, which, since I was cooking, I didn’t notice until it had gotten all over the carpet and several toys. I spent about 90 minutes bathing her, getting the stains out of her clothes and mine, scrubbing the carpet and disinfecting the toys. That, combined with the eggshells dug out of the garbage and scattered around, and the ringing phone, and the taxes, though I was awake 20 hours yesterday, things are in their normal state of disorder, anyway.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I second what Grace said. Just taking him to the store is a task in itself. He is a pretty good boy, but there are soo many more things to think about….stroller or shopping cart? Did I bring a diapers and wipes just in case? A juice bottle? Food in case my trip is longer than expected? Ok, got everything now I get to the store and look back and he is SLEEPING…now what? SO yes, I don’t know how you manage so well and still have all your hair! A true role model indeed, you are!

  7. JeniLiz says:

    That’s soo true. But I’ve decided that having a clean house is different than having a clutter free house. My house might be clean but it never looks it. 😉
    Bryce is seventeen months. I think that he is just being stubborn on the whole talking thing. I have started signing (things like please and thank you and more) just because he is old enough to be expected to at least do that. We are still working on actually saying too.

  8. haha…at first i thought you really had figured something wonderful out…then i realized it was a solution i’d never uphold.  sad for me 😦  i can’t wake up before 10am.  my system just doesn’t allow for it, haha….

  9. I think you’re amazing!

  10. GranolaMomma says:

    Great plan. We had 5 under 7 and had some interesting days.

  11. Momof2js says:

    That profile pic was taken on vacation last month and I think it is a perfect picture of their personalities. Such goons they are.

  12. bubbelcat says:

    Hope you got that bath!  The disadvantage to staying so busy, besides burnout, is the days/weeks/months fly by and suddenly you realize your children are so much older and you don’t know where the time went.

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