Mommy’s in the doghouse

I was scolded by my youngest child this morning.

I was busy in the kitchen when she started crying. By the time I finished up what I was doing and got to pick her up, she was quite frantic. She calmed down quickly when I picked her up, but when I started trying to feed her, she first looked me intently in the eye and very reproachfully said “Uh.” Then, as if to reinforce her point, she said “Uuuh,” and then began to nurse.

Starting right in…

edit: Soren needed a diaper change and so he brought me a box of wipes! Well, by this age his sisters were talking, but hey, it’s communication!

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10 Responses to Mommy’s in the doghouse

  1. I love that! fiesty so early.

  2. she already looks like you

  3. aaw. poor baby. this is why we should live closer. you could have stayed in the kitchen and i could have nursed for you.
    go look at the pictures, crazy. you know it’s all for you.
    did you know the areopagus coffee people were here this weekend? really sweet family.

  4. brbschrm says:

    Boys always seem to be slower to talk…
    Hope you have a blessed week!

  5. sunlesssea says:

    Evelyn still runs away from me when she needs a diaper change. She’s so strange.You won’t believe what I found out yesterday, on Michael’s 6 month birthday, no less…

  6. man. i am having a morning that came straight off your blog, i think. judah spilled grape juice all over the floor and his only pair of clean socks, i stepped in it, michael went through the entire brand new roll of viva paper towels in two days so i had to clean it up with cheapo napkins and a sponge, and then jadon first tried to fling yogurt everywhere, then threw some fruit loops, and then chewed up a hard boiled egg and spit it out at different spots (all the kitchen, though).

  7. whiffet says:

    Oh surely! My point was that the cop issues a ticket based on the testimony of one witness, but refsued to treat the other person in the same way. If the cop treated Dad like she treated the crazy lady, then both people would have gotten tickets for different things. Instead, she only relied on the crazy lady’s!
    He didn’t flag down any witnesses.
    And the dents on the lady’s car were on the wrong side of her bumper for her story to be true…

  8. Cute picture.  She looks so sweet and content.  Love it.

  9. sunlesssea says:

    Moving next door is a good idea — but we’d still be desperately out numbered!

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