Jireh continues to outdo herself

**this was yesterday’s post, but i edited and stupidly hit “update time stamp” so now some things don’t make sense.
Just today** (and I was being vigilant!) I discovered her:

spilling her cereal and milk all over herself and her seat
crumbling sweet potato bread all over the floor (she cleaned it up with the dustpan)
eating toothpaste about 4 times (thankfully it was fluoride free)
taking a ham bone out of the refrigerator (it was in a foil wrapping and a plastic bag, I am about to make soup tomorrow) and trying to eat it, thus
making a sticky mess
of ham juice all over herself and the floor in the kitchen
dumping baby powder all over the dresser and floor in my room (i gave her a damp towel and she cleaned that one up too)
changing her own diaper more times than necessary (partly because of her new skill, I am down to my last 2 diapers and urgently need to get to the store!)
taking DVDs out of their cases and out of the DVD player as well
getting out of bed for absolutely no good reason (so far) 6 times
edit: I just remembered
dragging a chair to the kitchen, climbing up on the counter and eating the last two bananas
putting banana peels in the microwave
turning on the empty dishwasher
nose-diving out of the top bunk

The first SEVERAL infractions I was so patient and gentle, kept my cool and simply made her pick up after herself or disciplining her for disobedience. But starting around 6:00 or 6:30 I kind of lost it, and am kind of hoarse at the moment from venting my frustration…
I seriously want to lock her in a cage sometimes. !! It had better be double padlocked or it probably won’t contain her.
It’s almost 8, Dave won’t be home for another 4 hours, and I am ready to be DONE!  But nooo… I have to go put the kids in bed, again…

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24 Responses to Jireh continues to outdo herself

  1. oh hey do they sell those invisible electric fences for kids?? I bet that would work.

  2. holliep says:

    Every Jireh post convinces me that she and Levi would be fast friends.

  3. Akialuz says:

    wow!  you ARE patient.  I will never pray for patience or i’ll  surely be to be in jail.  :os

  4. so…surprisingly i have no startlingly insightful or funny comment…i applaud your skill and apparent energy…yea, its no lie, i wouldn’t make it

  5. Is there anyway you can put a lock on the refrigerator??

  6. I do think they sell those. I can look into it.

  7. Momof2js says:

    That is unbelievable…these posts have exhausted me just from reading them. I don’t know how you are doing it. At least you have enough energy to xanga about it!

  8. MaMaMollisa says:

    Is this all in one day?  Ugh!  I can’t imagine… I am exhausted just thinking about it…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could be there to help!So do you think Jireh is going through a phase related to her age, or do you think it has to do with Christina? (you know the whole “new baby, need attention” thing? )

  10. It’s just Jireh. Explanations are vapid and singularly unsatisfactory. There is no box for her. I spend a great deal of mental energy trying.

  11. Hey, where do you buy ham bones? I made black bean soup last week that called for a ham bone, but the Kroger butcher said he doesn’t have ham bones because he doesn’t cut the ham on site. So, I bought a ham hock, figuring that would provide gelatin from the bone, but the soup turned out really thin so I don’t think it worked.

  12. Actually I didn’t buy it as a ham bone… we had ham for new years… Sorry! (But I thought you didn’t eat meat?)

  13. holliep says:

    What do I do with him? Whatever I can 🙂

  14. haha wasn’t gonna say..but can you guess?

  15. MamaTatiana says:

    Sorry, but I am ROFLOL after reading about Jireh!  Reminds me of my younger brother, who pulled various antics like getting raw bacon out of the fridge and eating it, putting an oven mitt in the oven and it catching on fire when mom turned the oven on later.  Never a dull moment!

  16. CantSwimYET says:

    You should gather all of these Jireh stories to make a series of children’s books about a mischievous girl. It is interesting reading about them as a Xanga post, so it would be even funner if they were in a book with illustrations.

  17. CantSwimYET says:

    Oh, and I don’t think I want to write my new years resolutions on Xanga anyway. Resolutions are too personal to post. Know what I mean?

  18. CantSwimYET says:

    Miriam looks so pretty with pierced ears! Hey, the shirt Caroline is wearing in that picture looks like the bridesmaid dresses we wore at your wedding.

  19. CantSwimYET says:

    Sa, you look so pretty in those pictures! Wow! You look like you did in college again. And Christina is so cute too. Okay, this will be my last comment.  

  20. CantSwimYET says:

    Not that it’s surprising you look pretty, but you just look extra pretty. Okay, so I was wrong about the last comment thing. Hehe. This one will be the last now.

  21. Thanks Chooch. It is so nice to get a comment (or seven) from you. Making up for lost time? By the way that’s Kiley in the picture. It is the dress we got for a flower girl to wear, but we didn’t end up having a flower girl. And if one were to make a book about a mischievous girl named Jireh, I would be afraid it would give similar children too many new ideas!! What do you think?

  22. i think it would make a hilarious book. judah would love it and after every story say, “but that was bad to do, right?”

  23. wow……………you must have some treasure trove of patience and strength stashed away somewhere.  I hope your Sunday was quieter, and that you have been able to get some rest.

  24. Momof2js says:

    Your comment on my post made me laugh out loud. And here I’m praying for a little lady to join us thinking I’d have an ally…

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