You know you and your friends are fulfilling the creation mandate when…

…you only need to invite 2 grownups (Beth and Julie) to have a house full of 10 kids for a birthday party.

Here are some photos from Miriam’s party.


The green outfit was what Jireh chose for her “dress-up” dress, btw – I would not have chosen that particular outfit with those tights for the party (or probably anything)! Check out the post below for more Jireh regalement.

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8 Responses to You know you and your friends are fulfilling the creation mandate when…

  1. Akialuz says:

    looks like she loved her party.
    i wish i was going to Europe!!!!!!!!!!   just to PR.  well, i love PR.  ;o)  but, since Jan. 23rd you’ll need a passport to be able to get back into the USA.  we return on the 21st.  so i’m not worried.

  2. I think that when Jireh & Jadon get together they could possibly conquer the world. Or wreck our homes to a degree we didn’t believe possible. I don’t know if they should get together.
    I love her.

  3. mr_jargon says:

    You know you and your friends are fulfilling the creation mandate when…True, someone has to make up for the slacking off the disobedient….

  4. are we still suppose to be fulfilling that mandate? i’m gonna leave it to you.
    oh wow- that’s so tough sarah. i really need him and i only have two kids. i can’t imagine how hard it must be to do alone with four. wish you lived closer.

  5. Akialuz says:

    it has been open for months and this was my first visit.  incredible! 
    hahah   my sis said that she was taking revenge from me waking her up early (after 10am!);  she called at 8:30am.  and didn’t just wake me up but aggie.  i dread for those late days and today wasn’t one.  maybe i should just stop dreaming with/thinking of her.  since everytime i think of her she calls!!  yup, kind of freaky/scary.  well, not really.

  6. Sorry I missed the party, but baby John is sick! 😦

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