Happy Birthday Miriam!

My oldest is four years old today! This beautiful girl is so grown-up. For her birthday, and to reward her for (just about) quitting her thumb-sucking habit, we went and got her ears pierced. She was SUCH a trooper! She smiled bravely the whole time even though tears welled up in her eyes. Check out the photoblog for pictures of the expedition.

And of course, a birthday slideshow. My computer crashed shortly after Jireh was born, so I don’t have any digital photos prior to July 2004. (If anyone has some from my emails back then, please forward some back to me!) But such as it is, here is the retrospective.

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15 Responses to Happy Birthday Miriam!

  1. Happy birthday Miriam! Gosh Sarah the christmas 2005 pic of just miriam is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing those.

  2. AnniWongTon says:

    Wow! That sad pic of her smiling and her eyes all red! Awww! She looks great! Happy Birthday Miriam!

  3. holliep says:

    Happy birthday to Miriam. It’s hard to believe she is already four. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Beccah and I love LOVE the picture of Miriam’s happy face after ear piercings. Happy birthday to our favorite four year old niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXOOO

  5. Akialuz says:

    happy birthday to the big girl!! 

  6. Momof2js says:

    Happy Birthday, Miriam!

  7. “Happy birthday to our favorite four year old niece!”Only a Schlissel . . . lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRIAM!! What a trooper with the ear piercing!

  9. MaMaMollisa says:

    Aww!  She is so CUTE!  Happy Birthay Miriam!!!  And good job quitting the thumb-sucking habit!

  10. lol well thanks to you we have a few nieces, ya know.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!  wow…i love the slideshow of miriam through the years 🙂  i could cry watching it….seriously!  so sweet…

  12. “lol well thanks to you we have a few nieces, ya know.”It’s the Schlissel thing to call something of there is only one your “favourite”. Sa calls me her “favourite husband” all the time. By the same token, since I am her only husband, I am also her least favourite husband, but she won’t admit that. Likewise, Miriam is also your least favourite four-year-old-niece, since you only have one of those. It’s just silliness.It is similar to the way that a Schlissel will only compliment something that he or she purchased. If I’m wearing a shirt that your dad gave me, he will see me and say, “That is a great shirt!” When I borrow one of Jed’s ties before he wakes up on Sunday morning, he sees me that afternoon and says, “That is a superb tie!” Once at dinner, I grabbed the bowl of brussel sprouts in front of me and started to serve myself when Mommy said, “That is a great vegetable choice!”

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. hahaha you’re funny.

  15. see? i complimented you on something that was not from me.

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