More Jireh

The other day, she sprayed Zout all over the walls in my bedroom and on my bed pillows.
Today when she was supposed to be napping, she got into the kitchen and ate sea salt, getting it all over the floor in the process.
And, she now knows how to change her own diaper. She opens it, sits on it, and pulls the tabs to the front.

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6 Responses to More Jireh

  1. AnniWongTon says:

    That’s so funny. I was just thinking if Jireh can do that yet. Glad she can…

  2. ErinLandrum says:

    Get her to change Soren’s as well if she can do her own.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha. The diaper changing thing could come in handy! Thanks for all the info, I am definitely saving it for next time! I ended up just giving him the antibiotic. Not my choice, but it seems to be working, his ear doesn’t seem to be bothering him and he is looking/acting happier….but his cough does seem to be getting worse…any homeopathic remedies for a cough?

  4. Akialuz says:

    diaper change.  haha  yes, train her to do the other children’s.

  5. melsevcik says:

    Laughing at Jireh’s happenings, it would be downright scary for us if she and Cole spent anytime together!  (Must be those July 04 babies)

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