I discovered today that (homeopathically ingenious though it sounds) sleeping with a baby to rest a painful stiff neck caused by sleeping with said baby, does not alleviate the symptoms. At all.

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  1. Akialuz says:

    hah hah  I should make my children spend some time on the computer.  ;o)  it is great that she knows.  josh can name the days of the week but the only two he knows are Saturday and Sunday (which he prefers to call The Lord’s Day). 

  2. It took me a while to find a comfortable position for co-sleeping, too. I remember those stiff-necked days. It gets easier as you experiment & adjust.

  3. sunlesssea says:

    Need to have at least two pillows for your head, and one wedged along your back.

  4. So, the soreness gets your neck? For me (learning to co-sleep with a 4-week-old), it gets my lower back. Ouch!

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