A couple stories from this morning

As you might expect, last year’s clothes for Miriam are this year’s clothes for Jireh. For some reason, though, Miriam has a strong attachment to last year’s pink pajamas, and even when I put her in the ones that fit her, she contrives to change with Jireh as soon as possible. They really are too small for her and the collar only comes up to her breastbone. Just now as she was asking me to snap it for her, I said “Miriam, you know these really are too small for you. They are Jireh’s now.” So Miriam promptly responded (Little miss answer-for-everything continues to remind me of myself): “No, it’s ok, Mommy, Jireh’s not cold yet. I will give them to her on Monday.”

Jireh puts her cup out of Soren’s reach and says “No toques el agua, Søren. No es tuyo. No es tuyo.” She’s getting much better with her Spanish these days. Pretty soon they won’t have to play the game “speak spanish” where they run around their room making babbling sounds and throwing in an occasional Spanish word — they’ll actually be able to converse with each other in “their own” other language. That will be a glad day for Dave as he sees his tireless efforts to make them bilingual start to pay off!

PS As an addition to the last post, Jireh yesterday went into the refrigerator, peeled chips of shell off an egg still in the carton and dropped them on the floor, while managing to get raw egg on a the celery in closed zip lock bag of celery sticks. She also set up the refrigerator so that when I opened it, stuff would fall out.

PPS Christina was 5 weeks old yesterday!

PPPS OH — listen I found a whole PDF file on kangarookorner.com on how to tie the wrap slings that I use. A lot of people are always asking me how to do it, and this I found was a pretty complete list of ways. A lot of them were new to me and I was especially glad to find the back-carry positions which I could not for the life of me figure out how to do! Here is the link to the pdf. Or, you can just go to http://www.kangarookorner.com/wearing.aspx and click PDF Bali Baby Breeze and Bali Baby Stretch. The Bali Baby Stretch is just like what I use.

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7 Responses to A couple stories from this morning

  1. 130? Yikes…and haha about Jireh getting into the eggs…wasn’t I just complaining to you that Philip did that?

  2. ErinLandrum says:

    Don’t the slings hurt your back?  I have never been able to use them effectively because of the pain…

  3. Have you tried a wrap sling? It’s just a 5 yard x 25 inch piece of lightweight knit fabric that you tie around you. In my experience it distributes the weight MUCH more comfortably than any other type of baby pack (even the Baby Bjorn). To me, it feels like a big hug. And it doesn’t strain my back like the other types do. The only drawback is how long it is, it’s hard to maneuver in a parking lot in the rain… But once it is on, it’s great!

  4. ErinLandrum says:

    I’ll have to give that a try when the baby gets here…I’ll have a while for that though.   I’m not going to put 30 pounds of Seth in a sling anytime soon, he’d never get over being the “baby” then. 

  5. KC_SAHM says:

    Thank you for that link!  I have an Ella Roo wrap and have really only used it when Talitha was little because I couldnt’ figure it out so I just used the Maya wrap that I’m used to.  I would love to make my children bilingual but as I don’t know any other language I’m relying on video help and starting my 7yr old with Latin.  I am hoping it will help him develop a love for learning languages.

  6. mr_jargon says:

    “No, it’s ok, Mommy, Jireh’s not cold yet. I will give them to her on Monday.” I can’t find any holes in that explanation….

  7. Akialuz says:

    miriam knows the days if the week?  my children would say something like the day after today or smthg like that.  yay for bilingual children!  now she can speak Spanish with my children.  can’t wait. 

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