Baby steps

I actually showered and dressed before 9 am this morning! And, then gave the kids breakfast (waffles – I tinkered with a recipe so I could make them from scratch with whole wheat flour – I think it’s really close to being perfected!) and straightened up my room. And it’s not even lunch time yet! Silly to be proud of such little accomplishments, I suppose, but on the other hand, if this kind of thing didn’t give me some satisfaction, I guess I’d be going crazy right now. Right now the baby is happy, the three children are playing nicely in their room, and I have a minute to sit here at the computer. I’m sure by time I hit “submit” this might change drastically, but for now, life is pretty good. Nobody ask me what’s for lunch, please. I don’t want to ruin this moment.

(Leah you see I am wearing your dress)

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9 Responses to Baby steps

  1. no newborn should be this beautiful.

  2. yeah really……and it looks like a cute dress Leah.

  3. JeniLiz says:

    I know what you’re talking about. It doesn’t really hit me ’till I see someone I haven’t seen for a while and then it’s like, “I use to baby sit you and now you have your own kids?!” I guess still being so close with the same friends that I had in high school I just don’t notice it very often. We just all grew up, married and had kid together. I know that we are a blessed to have such a close knit group.  

  4. Akialuz says:

    aww!  happy baby face.  :o)

  5. Showered and dressed before 9 with 4 happy and well-fed children IS a big deal, especially when all 4 of those children are so young that they are effectively helpless.

  6. such a sweet face to look at!  look forward to meeting her ~ when will your next visit be?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You never cease to amaze me! I cant even get showered and dressed before 9 with 1 kid! And a sweet little face indeed! Really, when will your next visit be?!

  8. I am hoping to come up for beccah’s baby! If not the whole fam, just me and Christina, but we’ll see.

  9. Okay, I’m going to try posting a comment for the first time . . . I sure do understand those baby accomplishments! John is two weeks old now and I spent my first day alone with hubby at work today. I managed to get dressed, take mail to the mail box, vacuum, and do one 30-minute errand in the car (my first solo outing with John). Major success! ~Katherine

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