Baby Sister

Soren says something that sounds a lot like “sister” when he sees Christina! He gets very excited to see her and always shows his joy by attempting to smack her in the head, a little too vigorously for Mommy’s taste. Here are some photos of him loving his baby “tis-tih”:


after I nurse (especially in the afternoon) I get this huge headache and feel drowsy and lethargic. anybody know if this is some kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency? maybe just a sugar drop? or lack of iron? I probably haven’t been drinking enough water but I have been drinking from a 32 oz mug while I nurse. Well, off to take my iron supplement (Floradix – it’s a liquid made from whole food, I highly recommend it). Anyone with a tip?

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9 Responses to Baby Sister

  1. aww cute pics!I was out all day yesterday…did some work at the church, then helped my sister get ready for her Christmas party…and now I’m home alone…my mom kept the kids last night. You could call now if you want…and I’d probably answer!

  2. holliep says:

    That’s sweet. It looks like Christina is whispering all her deepest secrets to Soren.   

  3. chad_toney says:

    Just like my kid — fond of the open-mouthed kiss…

  4. rmromero says:

    There is no possible way to respond to Chad’s comment in charity…

  5. Anonymous says:

    TOOOO cute!!!

  6. ErinLandrum says:

    Have you quit drinking caffinated beverages recently? That might be the source of your headaches and lethargy, it happens to me sometimes in the afternoon. I mean your only three weeks post-partum, so your body is still experiencing hormone changes, etc., I imagine (mine always was). Also, when your nurse it stimulates the hormone relaxin (I think that is what it is called), very much a natural sleep/relaxing agent. I always fell asleep after I nursed. Have you had your iron checked? It could be that as well, won’t hurt you to take some more unless it messes up your intestines.

  7. KC_SAHM says:

    no tips but my 11mo old DD giggled when she saw the pics of your son and daughter.  And reached a hand out to ‘touch’ them.  Adorable picures!!

  8. AnniWongTon says:

    Wow! Their cute! He’s still into poking her, huh? heh! Miss them so much!

  9. Sarah, I’d look for a vitamin B tincture. If you think your headaches & drowsiness could be related to anemia, they will definitely help. I took them toward the end of my pregnancy to boost my hemoglobin and they did wonders. They seemed to give a little energy boost.

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