2 weeks today

Here’s the sweet cherub. I had to make lunch and I left Christina on my bed. Heard her start to fuss but by the time I went in there, she had found her thumb!

Happy 2 weeks Christina!

Soren is walking pretty well now. It is so funny to watch him strutting around. I cannot believe how STOCKY he is. He’s about 25 lbs now and will be 14 months old next week. He is very good at putting Legos together and taking them apart. He can sit down and just build and unbuild for literally hours. (Nice for Mommy.)

Jireh amazed me this morning by buttoning her own dress. I don’t really remember exactly when Miriam learned to button and unbutton, but it seems to me like it was pretty recently. Jireh just has that mechanical mind and figures things out so quickly. Unfortunately, today she learned the hard way not to shake pepper all over the air. She accidentally shook some into her eye and ran to me screaming. I had to smell her to figure out what had happened.

So yesterday I finally got on a scale and was amazed to see that I have
lost 25+ pounds already. I only have 8 more to pre-pregnancy weight but
I would rather lose 18… My midwife had said she thought I probably had 10 lbs of water, and the baby was over 8, so I guess it is not too hard to believe. I really don’t know what I am doing
differently this time except for nursing through the night still which
I normally am not doing at this point… Anyway, go ahead and send the
hate mail that I know is coming. Get it out in the open.

Bonus pictures:

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10 Responses to 2 weeks today

  1. did all of your kids find their thumb?  i did pacifier’s from the start, so mine didn’t have the chance…but i love the way little ones look when they suck their thumb…so sweet and content!  and i’m shocked by the 25lbs!  that’s great!  i think naomi is like 18?  i can’t remember.  anyhow, things sound great at your place…congragts 🙂  God is so good!

  2. rmromero says:

    Is there a way to lose pregnancy weight without having been pregnant?

  3. AnniWongTon says:

    she’s really pretty!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just want to bite her little nose! (in a non weird way )

  5. yay, good for you on the weight loss! I lost around 25 lbs after Kyrie was born (I had sooo much water weight) and the rest came off within 3 months. Is there a reason that you’ve decided to continue night nursing Christina (which I think is great..I wouldn’t do it any other way) when you didn’t do so with your other children? Is it a change in your philosophy or just what’s working better with her?

  6. About the night nursing… I was just unhappy with how quickly my milk supply diminished with each child, and was determined to try to keep my milk for longer this time. I weaned Miriam at just under a year, Jireh at 7 months, and Soren at 6 months… and as you can tell my kids’ spacing keeps getting commensurately smaller (it’s pretty much a direct correlation)… so I figured it would be better for my body and the baby to try to nurse more/longer. As far as my philosophy goes, I really prefer to sleep all night, and training my infants to do this has not been a problem, but I’m just doing a more demand feeding approach this time. We’ll see if it works out like I plan.

  7. Akialuz says:

    Lori I did pacifier from the start with Aggie and see what happened!!  ;op  With Nella too but with her i jsut gave up too soon. i admit. 
    Sa, your children are special.  :o)

  8. Anonymous says:

    So precious! Feeding on demand is a great way to naturally space babies…this past time, I didn’t get a return of fertility until 13 months postpartum! But…I did sacrifice sleepless nights for awhile! I thought infants physically needed to be fed during the night for the first few months?

  9. sunlesssea says:

    I am sending hate mail on behalf on Miriam, Jireh, and Soren for not being demand fed!!! Basic human right!, they say. Human milk for human babies! But they also say they forgive you.I seem to have way more milk this time around, and I’m not sure why. I’ve fed both babies on demand. Michael is currently the size Evelyn was in March. She only started growing like a weed (at 12 m she was in the 95th percentile for height and weight) when I weaned her and put her on formula because I lost my supply because of pregnancy. I wish ecological breastfeeding would space by babies, but it doesn’t. Soren is so handsome!

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