Tag Team Time

Well, we always have these moments right after a new baby for some reason. All the girls were tag teaming us last night in an effort (it seemed) to keep us from sleeping at all. Miriam came down in the wee hours, then Jireh who had wet the bed (through a diaper, somehow) necessitating a nocturnal sheet change (courtesy of Papi). Meanwhile, in the between time, Christina was increasingly fussy and every time I stopped nursing her, would cry. I knew she just had an upset tummy of some kind but didn’t want to keep Dave up unnecessarily, so I consented to being the human pacifier for about 2 hours straight. During this time, I was freezing cold, needed to get up and use the bathroom, was really thirsty, and discovered some realllly painful blocked ducts – none of which could be remedied without having the baby start wailing. So I just waited. Finally, a diaper blowout brought things to a head and I just had to bite the bullet and change her. Drank some apple cider vinegar for the ducts, got my water and bathroom trip, and warmer pj’s. Got back to sleep and Miriam came down again telling me there was a fire everywhere in the house. (Here goes the girl with the vivid dreams again. Unfortunately, it’s genetically programmed. She gets it from both parents.)  “Good,” I said, “that means it’s nice and warm, go back to bed.” So she did, and we slept for about an hour before daylight.

Today is actually going pretty well. The kids have had breakfast (again thanks to Papi) and lunch, the house is straightened, dishwasher loaded and dinner ready to go (thanks to church ladies who have sent meals). Of course, the kids are still in pajamas, but see my header for my philosophy on that. My husband thinks I have been relying too much on the idiot box, because the girls decided this morning that Jireh was Cindy, Miriam was Marcia, and I was Mrs. Brady and they started talking politely to each other and calling me “Mother.” Personally I think the Brady Bunch game is an improvement over the “baby game” where Jireh whines incessantly and Miriam says “That’s ok, Baby” over and over. And of course when pressed, my dear husband couldn’t provide me with a better solution on how to keep the kids quiet and still for 45 minutes every few hours while I nurse. So until further notice I will continue to let their brains fry till I get this four-kids-under-four thing down.

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12 Responses to Tag Team Time

  1. rmromero says:

    Might I suggest muzzles?
    …hmmm, to think I’m not called to marriage…

  2. have they seen any shirley temple? i bet they’d love her.i’m in love with christina. post more pix.how are you feeling?

  3. holliep says:

    If TV gets the kids off your back long enough to get something accomplished then go for it. That’s always been my motto. So far my children haven’t turned into complete morons πŸ™‚ 
    You are looking fantastic. From the pictures, it doesn’t even look like you gave birth recently (much less four times in the past four years!).

  4. Mr. Rogers and Barney– they may be a little insipid but they were my best friends for those few years when our family’s split-shift schedule necessitated mid-day naps for me but my son was too rambunctious.  I’d sit him on the couch, lay down with my legs across his legs, and say “wake me up when Barney is over.”  My husband complained too but also never had a better answer.

  5. miriamel78 says:

    Thats what I plan on doing in 8 weeks.  And right now my oldest 2 watch PBS while Victoria sleeps so I can take a nap. 

  6. Awe. I hope you are able to get some rest. You’re doing a great job so keep it up.

  7. ErinLandrum says:

    At least you have cable, or something of that nature to get the Brady Bunch. They must have watched that honeymoon episode where all the kids end up in bed with mom and dad Brady. Perhaps even Alice. Perhaps God will be kind and send you an Alice atleast temporarily so that you can nurse and watch something on TV you want to watch. I’ll have four under six by the time #4 arrives, which is still a lot of work, but much worth it.

  8. Heh, I actually don’t have TV, but the Brady Bunch is on DVD now. Just got hooked up with Blockbuster.com – the Total Access is a brilliant stroke of marketing! So I totally control what they watch, and no commercials… I think the Brady Bunch is pretty wholesome, for TV. But Shirley Temple is a good idea too. At least the movies where she doesn’t act like a spoiled brat. Yeah, I agree an Alice would be nice!!

  9. MamaTatiana says:

    This post was so cute and made me laugh, especially the Brady Bunch thing!  I love your header, too!  πŸ™‚

  10. With all the teachintg you give your children, a little TV is not going to hurt them…and it will save your sanity.Would you like me to take Miriam and Jireh off your hands for a day? I could do it tomorrow (Fri.). Call me. I don’t want to call you and risk waking the baby (or you) up.

  11. bubbelcat says:

    Stop, you’re scaring me!  I remember those post-partum, “just watch a video” days way too vividly!  Maybe that’s why it’s taking us 2 years to even consider the possibility of a fourth child, lol!  The truth is though this is a blessed time, the time with a newborn, and I wouldn’t trade one sleep deprived moment of it for anything, well maybe for a nap.

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