Family of Six

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12 Responses to Family of Six

  1. whiffet says:

    LOL, that’d be a very funny thing to do. Maybe I will.

  2. wow. beautiful. jireh’s hair looks red!

  3. Akialuz says:

    beautifully blessed family.  :o)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful family, indeed! And Jireh’s hair does look red!

  5. miriamel78 says:

    That’s great!!  Six is a good number….

  6. holliep says:

    Lovely family. BTW, the girls’ dresses are adorable.

  7. I must be quick to disavow creative input into those dresses; they are raw silk laura ashleys that i picked up in NY a year or 2 ago for $15 each! Raw silk, beaded smocking, and me don’t go together… but I’m glad you like them!!

  8. sunlesssea says:

    What in the world is that silly Miriam doing? Pretty photo!

  9. is that your hair that is so long or do you have something draped over your head?  the girls’ dresses are beautiful…did you make them?  is that a stupid question?  haha.  congratulations…you all look great!

  10. wearing a mantilla for church… this was before the baptism saturday

  11. Momof2js says:

    6 and counting, indeed. When I read to Joe your post that Christina had arrived, Joe looked as his watch and said, “well, only a week or two before we hear of #5!” Nice steal on the dresses. I love a bargain way more than I should.

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