Yay! Grandma is here!

My mom arrived today! Now it’s my turn to be the baby!

Here’s a bonus picture of the cherub:

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17 Responses to Yay! Grandma is here!

  1. Its good for to have a turn being the baby. Or at least its a good time for it.The cuteness that is your child. My my.

  2. she must be in love. SFS3.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yay for grandmas!!!

  4. Akialuz says:

    i’m in love with that baby!!!!! 

  5. Grandmas are God’s great gift to new mommies.  Enjoy being babied while you can.  Maybe Grandma can help “mini-me” remember those table manners, ha ha.

  6. Momof2js says:

    Yep, she looks like another deep thinker…

  7. Amaltheia says:

    Yes, definitely another Hodges genius.  I’m so glad your mom is there!

  8. Mommy looks gaunt in that picture.

  9. Akialuz says:

    Grandma doing her job right away.  Look how peacefully sleeps the beautyful cherub!  ;o)  I want to know what the other children are doing??!  :op

  10. holliep says:

    Having your mother take care of you…that is one of my favorite parts of having a new baby 🙂 Christina gets cuter and cuter with every day that passes.

  11. She’s getting cuter and cuter!glad your mom made it safely!

  12. you mean that’s not a compliment?

  13. MilaGrin84 says:

    Sarah she is soo cute!

  14. Oh my goodness, she’s a week old already. I”m not sure I’m comfortable with the speed times flies by at.But anyways, happy week old christina!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sarah that baby is PRECIOUS!  You look amazing as usual-so aggravating, you’ve had four kids in four years and you look like you haven’t had one.  It was good to see a picture of your mom, I haven’t seen her in a couple of years. 

  16. we miss your mom here in brooklyn, but i’m sure you are loving having her there!  i can’t get over how great christina looks…so awake!

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