Looking in the mirror of time

Anna went to the airport (pray for her safe journey home, her flight’s at 5:45!) and Julie took the two younger kids so I wouldn’t have to watch all four until Dave gets home. It was just me and Miriam and the baby. I think it has been really good for Miriam to be Mommy’s helper/pal again for a little while. She is just in her element helping out and holding the baby. If only I could have just gotten pictures of me in the mix here, it would be like 3 different ages of the same person… Christina really resembles Miriam, and you all know who Miriam looks like!!…

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6 Responses to Looking in the mirror of time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Precious!!!!You should get ahold of a picture of yourself when you were young and post a 3way comparison! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. That first pic is great. Christina is looking right up at her.

  3. holliep says:

    Such cute pictures! Miriam is a great big sister.

  4. AnniWongTon says:

    Thanks Sarah for everything! Its been great! I miss you guys already! Can’t wait to see you all again! I want my boy back!

  5. How are you feeling Sarah? Do you need anything? I can babysit sometime, if you want.

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