And Then There Were Four

Christina was awake for much more of the day today, and spent quite a while just looking around the room. Here are some new photos.

Soren is my first child who simply doesn’t seem to notice that he’s been replaced as the baby. He toddles around (yes, finally starting to try walking more!) oblivious, smiles when he sees me, is happy to be held and happy to be put down, and when he sees the baby on my lap he comes over, affectionately and too-vigorously pats her head or pokes her, and happily toddles off. It’s crazy.

The girls, on the other hand, are doing their typical postpartum routine. It’s this sort of behavior where they try to do things I don’t approve of, but stay under the radar, with the net result of being just slightly bad… just enough that it’s completely irritating, but not so much that you can really even define what they are going to get disciplined for. For instance, Miriam, who is our little mini-me and acts so grown up all the time, suddenly forgets what table manners are, and starts drooling at the table, eating with her fingers, and speaking with this weird pulsating rhythm. And as soon as she gets corrected for one thing she starts doing another.  Meanwhile, poor Jireh has had a runny nose so I’ve been keeping her away from the baby, so she is feeling that too, I think. Hopefully when I am up and about more, and able to get back into a
routine with them, this will go away, but it’s hard when I am supposed
to be resting and really shouldn’t be exerting myself trying to make them behave. Not for another few days at least!

In other news, Anna is leaving tomorrow (we will post a picture with all our sad faces
just for her departure). Thanks, Anna! I definitely could NOT have made
it through these last few weeks if it weren’t for you! You have been

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12 Responses to And Then There Were Four

  1. Anonymous says:

    CUTIE!!! How are you feeling?

  2. She is so alert.  Enjoy your sweet bundle of joy.

  3. ErinLandrum says:

    Cute cheeks, she doesn’t look like newborn really, those eyes are awake!! I’m praying that our newest chubb will be born with fat on his/her body, I like fat legs!

  4. Congratulations, Sarah!  Christina really is beautiful and already looks so big.  I hate how they can change so quickly from that squished up newborn look which is just so cute.  Leah told me about your site a while back, but I’m just now getting around to saying hi.  We just had #5 back in September and are having a ball with it.  Many blessings to your now-so-large-you-will-get-stares-and-comments-wherever-you-go family! 🙂  Emily Gunn

  5. She is insanely cute Sarah. I love the fact that she’s just chillin already.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In that 2nd picture I see a little red in her hair?

  7. miriamel78 says:

    Do you have anyone else coming to help when Anna leaves?

  8. sunlesssea says:

    I am so jealous of Christina’s hair. My poor little man needs some. When’s the baptism? I bet you’re really excited!

  9. Akialuz says:

    :-O  I think in these pix she looks like josh as a baby!  that means she is very pretty.  ;o)  and she looks to be a strong baby. congratulations.  (out of words) what a blessing!

  10. this is Aimee…I’m pasting this comment to everyone I’m subscribed to or who comments me. I had to get a new xanga because I accidentally messed my old one up and it doesn’t work anymore

  11. wow, she looks wide awake!  and she really doesn’t look like a newborn…mature in a a way.  am i crazy?  anyway, i love how you describe soren with her…i hope naomi is the same way, but she’ll be almost 2, so i’m sure she’ll be acting out, haha.

  12. reformedgrl says:

    hey Sarah! This is abby berg! We saw dave on sunday and so i thought i would drop by your site (found it through friends) and say congratulations!!!! She’s adorable!!! Hope your feeling better….

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