My hard-earned gift

Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments. It turned out to be a really rewarding experience after all and I am so glad we decided to do this one at home. I can’t imagine what kind of intervention I would have had to go through if I had stalled out like that in the hospital. So many of my friends had to undergo c-sections because of that type of labor, and I can relate to how disheartening it must be! Even though the waiting was really difficult and emotionally taxing, it was so much better for me than jeopardizing future deliveries by rushing ahead with intervention. In this case since the baby and I were consummately healthy and handling it all so well, it worked out great. Of course every situation is different. Our God guided us through, though, with His customary flair for drama. (Seeing as our deadline to go the hospital route was 6am Friday morning, and she was born at 4:30am, it does seem well, planned by a good dramatic director, doesn’t it?)

Well, I’ll leave the rest of the story to the following pictures, for this blog anyway. I am planning to write a (more detailed) birth story for Christina’s delivery as I have for the other kids, and if you ladies are interested let me know and I can include you in the distribution. Thanks to all of you who said she was beautiful based on the pictures we posted Friday. I know that means you love me, because even though she IS beautiful, looking at the pictures you were looking at required more faith to believe that and I know you were looking through eyes of love! Frankly she looks like a newborn. These pics are a bit better and in time I am confident she will become as photogenic as her siblings are.

Oh and how ’bout that 8 lbs 6 oz, huh? I had 3 people double check the weight on the scale. Hard to believe. God’s sense of humor is great.

Dave wanted me to title this “Why Being Married to Dave Hodges isn’t as Bad as They Said It Would Be” (or something like that). He lovingly prepared my postpartum meal request of steak, baked potato and salad.

The girls coo over their new baby sister.

Auntie Anna holds the hours-old Christina

No hospital background for these new baby pictures!! Yay!

Soren loves his baby too

Sophie wonders “What did I do? I was just bein’ friendly, ma!”

Eyes open

I think she is going to be brown-eyed after all

Sweet baby sleeping

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27 Responses to My hard-earned gift

  1. I am just so happy for you!! I think you’re probably right that if you’d had this sort of labor in a hospital, they would have been eager to intervene. Sounds like, as hard as it was, you chose the right baby to have at home! She is beautiful…even makes me think a little of Kyrie as a newborn with that black hair and scrunched up little face. 🙂 You also look great! I hope I can have my next baby at home.

  2. Doggone it!  I just knew that your baby would be here when I finally got back to xanga.  Got stuck with mandatory OT yesterday.  Christina is just beautiful!  Make sure you send pictures to Matthew and Adam.  Matthew prays for you all and your family every day, and when he writes to me, he reminds me to do the same.
    Psalm 116 really is appropriate now that it is all behind you, don’t you think?????

  3. Amaltheia says:

    I’m so proud of you!!!  I’ve heard from several different new-ish mothers who have had hospital vs. home births that a home birth is preferred: more personal, “homey,” intimate, and quicker recovery – barring emergency complications, I guess.  No less painful, though!  🙂  I’m interested in being on your “birth story” distribution list! 
    Congrats, Hodges!  May God continually bless you and your family.

  4. So, so cute.  I do think that is pretty awesome to have so many siblings weigh the same….incredible!
    Get some rest and enjoy your beautiful family.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful! Congrats!!!

  6. Momof2js says:

    Congratulations on this lovely girl! Does she really look just like Miriam? What a blessing that all is going well…do you have to take her for immediate follow-ups with a midwife or does she come to you, or do you just wait until a 2-week visit or something? Just curious. I really don’t know the answer to your question about Kate. It is all a bit of a shock still, as she was doing better when this suddenly happened Saturday morning. We are certainly not of the belief that it affects her covenant standing nor her eternity, although you may have changed that belief as a part of your conversion. Desired, not required.

  7. BekahM says:

    Sarah, I’m so glad you got to have Christina at home like you wanted to, and that you seem so peaceful and happy about it. God is good, isn’t He? Enjoy your new little one! Love to all!

  8. rmromero says:

    Okay, now time to start work on the fifth birth. I think twin priests is in order…

  9. Oh man you already look awesome. Hope you feel like it.Drawstring and elastic for Joel. Elastic and mock drawstring for the babe.

  10. MamaMcGee says:

    Congrats!  Although she was beautiful to begin with, she grows moreso with age   Count me in on the birth story!

  11. ChocolateMom says:

    I would love to hear your birth story!   I always wante a home birth, but never had the opportunity.  The picture of you, Soren and Christina is precious- the smile on Soren’s face is so cute- he looks like such a proud big brother!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’d lvoe to hear/read your birth story as well! You and the kiddies look fantastic! Christina is as cute as a button…..(I never understood that saying, but you know what I mean)….ah a steak dinner! NICE!! And being home….wow! I can’t imagine how great that must be! I was wanting and ready to go home about 2 hours after Micah was born, but they didnt unchain us from the hospital almost 60hours later!!! It was soo annoying!

  13. JeniLiz says:

    Beautiful, beautiful!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    She’s adorable! Congratulations!!

  15. holliep says:

    I’d like to hear your birth story too. The idea of a home birth is not my cup of tea but I’m interested in how it works for others. Christina does look like a lil Miriam. The pictures make me want to swoop her up and cover her with kisses.

  16. KC_SAHM says:

    I would love to hear your birth story.  I had a home birth with my second but wasn’t able to afford it with the third.  I’m really torn with this one because it looks like we have to have another hospital birth due to the fact that we can’t all fit in our Honda Accord anymore and 1500 is a nice tidy sum to put down on a van.  I would also love to hear how your other births went.  Had the stalling ever happened to you before?  Did the midwife have any ideas as to why you stalled (like the baby was turning or something)?  Feel free to take your time to answer, recover and enjoy your baby!! I think the joy of a newborn makes it beautiful.  I always thought babies were ugly, until I had one.  And then it is such a joy that they are beautiful in their alien-ness lol!!  Praise the Lord for He is good!

  17. nkweiss says:

    I’d love to hear your story! You can email me at nkweiss (at) mac (dot) com. Congratulations!

  18. she doesn’t look like Judah only more. Only the first not-so-beautiful-but-still-so-cute pictures.
    we have that book you’re reading.
    OK, I still haven’t gotten through to mommy, by the way.*sigh* good luck.
    wow. just saw all those tickers. you have four kids. this is nuts.

  19. i want the full stories, too!  i love to hear details 🙂  i’m really curious what it was like at home.  i have a lot of questions 🙂  anyhow, that last picture looks so much like judah (it’s that lip line…what’s it called?  between the top lip and under the nose).  beautiful, sarah and dave…well done 🙂

  20. did you make that pink gown you are wearing?  it looks nice and comfy!

  21. lol I thought exactly that when I saw it!
    You know, all your kids look related. There are not a lot of families where the kids look that much alike.

  22. sunlesssea says:

    i’d like to hear the story, too. no midwives around here, but a birthing centre in pensacola with a midwife. i’ll prolly try that next time. she’s so adorable!

  23. Nope, didn’t make it — it’s just a maternity shirt from Target! I did make some nursing nightgowns though. And her outfits too. Next up I have to sew for my upcoming niece and nephew!!

  24. MaMaMollisa says:

    I am so glad you had a beautiful home birth!  Welcome to our world, baby Christina!

  25. ps- i meant “any” more. not “only” more. sorry. conversations with a three year old…

  26. did i already ask- who is sophie?

  27. She is amazing and beautiful!  Well done!  I’d love to hear your birth story as well!  I’m so glad you were able to birth at home, what a much better situation for both you and Christina!  Enjoy your newest member of your family!

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