It’s official

Yep, I’m overdue for the first time. Well, sort of. Miriam was born in between the doctor’s due date (Jan 2) and my estimated due date (Jan 4), so technically I guess you could say she was a day late in some sense. However, I went into labor with her at midnight on the 3rd, whereas this baby is not showing any signs of imminent departure and it’s already 9am.

Time for some drastic measures?….

In other news, Soren has a very strange rash that looks like either German measles or roseola. I’m obviously hoping it’s the latter. He had a fever for a few days which was completely gone for a day or two before he broke out yesterday, but the rash is all over his head, abdomen, inside legs, and back. The only other symptom has been a runny nose and extreme fussiness. Needless to say I am worried about what it might be with a brand new baby coming. The pediatrician’s phone nurse last night said that it didn’t sound urgent unless he was worse today, or scratching, and then we were to take him in, so we’ll see. Sounds like he is awake now so I’m going to check on him and Dave may have to take him in if he looks any worse – hopefully making it back in time, if any of my so-called “drastic measures” work today.

Edit: Soren’s rash is noticeably better on his back and belly… yay!

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14 Responses to It’s official

  1. wow. that’s so scary. keep me updated.
    you know, german measles is the one thing i’m not immune to.

  2. Akialuz says:

    I am glad to “hear” he is better.  Maybe the fever was not related and he had an allergic reaction to something.  I only think of allergies since Josh had one last night…  :o(  I pray all goes well with the birth and you know that signs could show as last minutes as when tghe baby is right there!!  ;o)  Lord bless.

  3. miriamel78 says:

    It’s probably roseola, since the fever went away at least a day before the spots came.   Good luck with the drastic measures!

  4. rmromero says:

    My mother went in a hot air balloon to coax me out.

  5. That is scary, glad he’s looking better. Okay bring on the drastic measures.Come out come out baby girl! YOu’re turn is up!

  6. JeniLiz says:

    Drastic measures……. *dozens of crazy thoughts run through my head*aaaaa, good luck with that.I hope everything goes smoothly with the delivery.

  7. bubbelcat says:

    Sounds like roseola, poor guy, at least it’s almost finished with.   Here’s hoping baby makes and appearance soon!  I think if I ever would’ve gone overdue I would’ve gone crazy! 

  8.  The baby will get here when she’s good and ready. she’s comfy in there! xxxooo

  9. Try to get lots of rest…it’ll be soon! The one thing I regret is trying so hard to get myself going instead of resting up for the labor & delivery. Babies come in their own time!

  10. hursthouse says:

    I does sound like roseola–we’ve had that in our house!  Praying for you!  I know how hard it is being overdue!  There’s good news on Mel’s blog!  A new liver has been found!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Glad Søren’s rash is looking better! I’m praying for a quick and easy as can be, labor and delivery….and soon!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just went back and was looking @ your posts from when Søren was born…I still can’t get a grasp on this having kids and time flying thing! So how are you feeling?!

  13. MamaMcGee says:

    What drastic measures?  I drank gallons of raspberry tea.  Oh and I tried the castor oil thing.  YUCK!

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