First signs or false alarm?… Time will tell

Midwife is on her way over now. I’m having regular contractions about 3 minutes apart. Nothing horribly painful yet but, thankfully it is getting slightly more painful with each one. (Funny how I crave the pain toward the end because it means it’s going to be over soon!)

I’ll let you know what news when she leaves if not before. Prayers are appreciated!

edit (12:41 am) well, i’m in labor, but it’s going slow, so I am going to rest a bit while it is still a few minutes in between. contractions haven’t stopped so I am hopeful to have a baby by sometime tomorrow. ’til then…!
by the way I am LOVING being at home. my big bed and pillows are sooo much more comfy than the hospital smaller-than-twin for one thing. Not to mention being able to blog while in labor. pretty cool so far!

edit (6:55 am) STILL WAITING!! Thanks for the love and prayers. We will let you know as SOON as there is news.

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23 Responses to First signs or false alarm?… Time will tell

  1. Akialuz says:

    lot of prayers from here…  i think today is the day.  (hopefully Nicola’s too)  you are brave.  i know the worst pain means will be over soon but i am still horrified by it.  May the Lord keep you strong and bless your family there.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. miriamel78 says:

    Praying for you, baby, and midwife!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its 10 and no update….I’m guessing you’re about 7 cm or so and getting ready to have that baby! Praying that all goes well and that little girl arrives safely!I’m sooo excited to see her!

  5. Prayers to you and your family.

  6. soracolvin says:

    If you think being home is better during labor, wait until after the baby is born! But there’s no doubt that staying home is also beneficial to those in the “internet waiting room.” Our last two babies have had their first newborn pictures up on (Daddy’s, not mommy’s!) blog even before their cords were cut.

  7. Oh man!,… awesome Sarah! BIg comfy bed midwife at your side…I do admit this is something to covet.Praying all goes well.

  8. Akialuz says:

    Oh Sarah!  SO proud of you.  :o) SO it wasn’t yesterday.  Well, the Lord has a special & perfect timing and we’re still praying. 

  9. Still thinking of you all.  Prayers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Blah I have to go work….I’ll be checking for updates from there as often as I can! God bless you and that little girl!

  11. Akialuz says:

    OK 9:30 an no updated!!  are you sleeping?  I hope you are if not pushing!!  :o)
    this is so exciting… 

  12. kateraide says:

    haha this is crazy. it’s like the Xanga method of labor and delivery.i’ll be praying! so exciting!

  13. rmromero says:

    Congrats–you are the first woman I have known to have blogged in labor.  Oy.

  14. LOL. Yes I am still waiting. I was able to rest for a while and now I am just hoping the contractions start getting bad soon. Thanks for checking!

  15. hey baby. watch a funny movie. maybe laughing wil help! we’re praying but no rush, right?

  16. praying for you!  i hope she decides to make her entrance soon!  good luck!

  17. oh wow!!! tell baby she has to come today! ^_^

  18. this is so exciting!  i love that you are loving being at home 🙂  it’s very encouraging!  1:30pm and no update, so i assume you are still in labor.  may God protect you and the baby and guide the midwife with wisdom and may He bless your husband and children in the wait 🙂  xoxo

  19. Akialuz says:

    just checking!  :o)  maybe she doesn’t like the name you picked.  LOL  (that was my excuse for Nella being “late”.  :op)

  20. You need to give hourly updates of dilation and effacement. LOL That’s not too much to ask of a woman in labor, is it?

  21. yuk, don’t do it, Sarah- i think that would be way TMI for a public blog!!

  22. la di da…..wonder if no news is good news???

  23. Anonymous says:

    hows it going?!….

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