It finally happened

I got rid of too much stuff.

Well, actually, I assume I got rid of it, but I really don’t know what happened to most of my baby girl stuff!! I finally went down to look for it and found about 1/4 of what I thought I had. I don’t have any nightgowns or sleepers for newborn size and only a couple sleepers for 3-6 month size. I am missing certain things that I KNOW I didn’t want to give away, but am having trouble remembering if I just lent them to someone when I had Soren, knowing that I would not need them for that baby. And I don’t know who to get them back from if I did! Well, it’s not the worst thing in the world, nighties and sleepers are some easy things to make, and I have a week to do it, so I will just get to work, but it’s just strange. If anyone out there can help me remember what I did with this stuff I would really appreciate it!

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10 Responses to It finally happened

  1. oh my goodness! That’s bad business. Its a good thing you have sweet sewing skilz.I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy went.

  2. KC_SAHM says:

    I don’t know where you are located but I had a baby girl in January and although I’m having another in April, I know I could find something that you could use.  Let me know if I can send anything your way!  (I’m in NE PA but theres always the postal service)

  3. KC_SAHM says:

    no problem 🙂  I have way too much stuff!  I could use some of your give away power LOL!!  But I am going to be cleaning house here soon as far as clothes go so if you change your mind let me know.

  4. JeniLiz says:

    I did that with all MY clothes when I was pregnant. I guess I thought that I would never get back into them. I don’t usually remember that I’m missing then until I see a picture.

  5. stygian20 says:

    Any chance that you gave them to Jenn? She often points out various articles of clothing that her youngest is wearing that came from you.

  6. Thanks Curtis, I left her a message today, I think I did give her some things and I am waiting to hear back from her. If you see her first please remind her to call me!

  7. Akialuz says:

    haha  I just told Anth I have no idea why Nella has way less clothes than Aggie did sice I don’t remember giving things away…  LOL  Anyway, I read your tiltle and thought your water boke….  :-O  Oh well.  Hope you find time to do the sewing.

  8. stygian20 says:

    Yeah. She doesn’t answer the phone so much. Really, they should just get rid of the number. It’s hardly serves as a reliable way to reach them. They’re answering machine is perhaps the most taxed of any.I’ll let her know.

  9. haha curtis.
    sarah did you lend them to julie?
    there’s an alvin ailey onesie here that was miriam’s but i gave it to becky.

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