Growing up fast

Well, today has been a mixed bag. It was an incredibly bad day for my sciatica. I could not do anything all day. The kids of course took full advantage and made about 5 times their usual share of messes, all compounded because I wasn’t picking up after them each time. Jireh was the queen of mischief today. She had 2 accidents on the carpet after taking off her diaper. She got into the refrigerator, opened the cranberry juice, poured some into her sippy cup, replaced the cap and put the juice back in the fridge, and brought it upstairs without spilling it. She also poured some into Miriam’s cup without spilling any. Then Miriam spilled hers all over the carpet. When I went down to give the kids dinner, I found an entire quart of half and half (just opened yesterday) all over the floor, empty container and all. Then of course Soren made a mess of food all over the floor during dinner.

I was really frustrated, mostly with the fact that I couldn’t move without the horrible shooting pain in my legs, and after dinner I told the girls they would have to help me out. They helped me unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor (they swept into the dustpan and dumped into the garbage), and then I gave Jireh some Windex and Miriam the mop and they literally mopped the floor for me. They did a good job too! Jireh even washed the windows and booster seats! The little helpers were too cute for mere words so I took pictures, but I apologize that they are not wearing clothes. That was one other thing I did not stay on top of today, although I promise they were dressed more than once today!


In other news, Soren drank out of a regular cup all by himself without
spilling. I was really impressed! He thought it was great fun.

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9 Responses to Growing up fast

  1. Great pics of your nudies. I love Soren’s shirt. Where di you get it?

  2. wow. they’re uber-children.

  3. Grace, it was a hand me down from Leah, I think it might be Ralph Lauren… not sure though! It’s a great preppy onesie though! I love it too.

  4. Akialuz says:

    what a day!!  but it all ended gooooooooooooooood.  :o)  so comforting knowing you have good little helpers.  i still remember the first time anth’s family saw josh drinking from a cup.  they couldn’t believe it. and all told me they wouldn’t let their children drink from a “regular” cup up until they were 10 or so!  LOL  but they did not have sippy cups!!  did they? how did they do it!!!  ????!!!

  5. What great helpers!
    I hope you feel better today.

  6. My mother in law used to use these tupperware cups with lids, and poke a hole in the lid for a straw, before they had sippy cups. I am so sick of sippy cups that if Soren can just skip that step I would be happy to get rid of them all!

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost time!! Do you think it will be harder to go from 3 to 4 kids than it was from 2 to 3? Which do you think was the hardest?I LOVE the diaper bag!! Are you going to sell those?

  8. The hardest is 1 to 2. 2 to 3 was hardly even different and I think the transition to 4 will be even easier.

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