a very nice friday

It has been a really great day. Yesterday my sciatica finally started getting bearable enough to straighten up parts of the house, so I was able to get the whole first floor in order and clean the kitchen to sparkling last night. That always cheers up a morning! Then, we actually had a morning with Dave. It was the first day this week he didn’t leave the house before 6 am ! So we all had cereal together and the girls helped me straighten up the breakfast dishes. Then it was upstairs to tackle the 3 day old mess in the girls’ room which we all did together. After lunch the girls helped me clean up again, and then they folded a basket full of towels, cloths and bibs while I did some other laundry. Miriam actually took a nap today and so while I did some sewing Jireh worked on coloring a preschool page for the color purple (these stupid preschool pages! lol by the time they can color, they should already know their colors – right?? I mean these are supposed to be for 4 year olds…).  For dinner I made a really easy mix up stuff and stick it in the oven type dinner, which I had all ready by 3pm to put in the oven… so dinner was a breeze too! And the girls have really pitched in so cheerfully today. It is really nice to finally have a great day after several days of physical pain and complete frustration!

Anyway here are some pictures from today of my 2 younger cuties.

(couldn’t you just eat that face??)

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7 Responses to a very nice friday

  1. Are you nesting because you did all of that cleaning?The kids are adorable….love the picture with braids!

  2. miriamel78 says:

    I am doing kindergarten books and math with Mathas(4) and Charlotte(3) and some of that stuff is STILL too easy for them.  I mean, really.  By the time you are in kindergarten you should know the difference between a circle and a rectangle, right???

  3. holliep says:

    Your children are incredibly cute as usual. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Hi, Yeah, I could def. eat him up! It’s Uncle Bob’s car. Really nice drive.

  5. haha love those pics. Glad your sciatica is better!

  6. NIce day. I could go for one of those. Jireh’s hair is pretty long too huh?

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