What to do?

For months I have been putting off this dreadful dilemma, but it has resurfaced once again. It’s about Miriam’s beautiful long hair. I am seriously considering taking off about 6 inches. She is always getting sticky food in it or creating hard tangles in other ways, and although her patience for having me tend to her hair is out of this world, it hurts her and takes me about 20 minutes just to comb through with the detangling spray. Every time she bathes we use up about 1/4 bottle of conditioner so it won’t be so painful when we comb it.

Just now in the bath she thought she was helping “wash” her hair and ended up matting it in a birds nest on the top of her head… I have it soaking in conditioner now but I just don’t think I can do it anymore!!

I have tried putting her hair in ponytails, braids, elaborate updos in the morning to prevent all these problems, but naturally she “loses” all the fasteners at some point during the day. Any other ideas? Votes?

Søren got into my potato drawer yesterday and ate most of a raw potato. I let him do it because it was keeping him quiet while I got dinner on… but I didn’t expect him to eat so much! My kids are weird!

Julie and the kids were over yesterday. Here is a typical “cousin” scene. Jireh has just pulled Miriam’s hair and Lucie the Ham is headed straight for the camera. Naturally when we actually fetched the camera there was some idyllic scene we were attempting to capture, but those moments tend to disappear when proof for posterity is desired.

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10 Responses to What to do?

  1. holliep says:

    Miriam’s hair is so pretty. But if you are having that much trouble keeping her hair nice then I’d say cut it.
    Raw potato? Bleh.

  2. Miriams hair is gorgeous but Short cuts look cute on little girlies too. I say go for it.Is soren walking??? How are you doing?

  3. Soren is not walking yet but he is SO close. He will walk if you hold one of his hands, and he takes one or two small steps every time he starts to move away from something – but then right away starts crawling again. I’m really just ready for him to go up and down stairs by himself. !! Then I can put him in a toddler bed and my life will get that much easier at breakfast time!!I am feeling fine energy wise, but this is the third day of really bad sciatica… I can’t just ignore it, nor can I do nothing, and Dave just took a second job so he will not be able to help me get the kids to bed either most nights!! It’s going to be rough! I tried explaining to the girls that I need extra help and obedience and so far it’s been going okay.Thanks for asking!

  4. MamaMcGee says:

    I know a family that mandates short hair until the girls can care for it themselves.  (Their girls don’t have hair like Miriam’s, though!) 
    Mike is in the process of getting a second job, too.  I’m not looking forward to all of the alone time, but I am looking forward to the wiggle room in the budget
    Wish there was some way I could help — I’ll be praying for you

  5. Momof2js says:

    That is a tough one. Of course, it will always grow back and considering you are about to add another bundle of joy to the mix, you might need those 20 minutes here and there!  I like the suggestion to keep it shorter until she can tend to it herself (which, with her will probably be soon).

  6. soracolvin says:

    We finally cut my oldest’s hair for the first time when she was almost ten. It was sad, but she really wanted to be able to wash and brush it herself — and since it reached her thighs, she still needed my help. She was also in a private Christian school instead of homeschooling that year and found that her hair brough her constant attention from the high school girls which was quite annoying (though they didn’t intend it to be).Anyway, her hair was ALWAYS braided except for special events. One somewhat loose braid to keep it from tangling overnight, usually two in the daytime. I don’t think I would have had the patience to keep brushing, detangling, washing, conditioning, etc etc if we hadn’t had the braid policy — and I did not have three younger ones when she was four!If Miriam wants to keep her long hair, she can learn not to “lose” the elastics — and if she can’t keep it braided, you should probably go with the shorter hair.

  7. oh, the locks!  so gorgeous…but, i’m a fan of short and sweet 😉  my husband won’t let me take scissors near any of his ladies’ heads anymore.  he loves long hair.  i cut kaiya’s bangs to help with the “in her eyes” routine and it has helped and sort of made the rest easier to deal with, too.  did you think of trying that?

  8. I did that with Jireh and now I am trying to grow out Jireh’s bangs … they are so much maintenance! I think I’ll try the braid thing for a while and see if I can’t get her to keep them in somehow!

  9. Akialuz says:

    hah, hah  sad but unfaniliar around here.  i always say I am grateful for a baldy!  ;o)  Maybe Nella will have a little more hair and I will…  cut it off!!  As a child I had long hair but my parents did not care much.  My Dad used to comb my hair for school and that was it.   The rest of the time was loose and all tangled.  And some things don’t change…  LOL

  10. Long hair is gorgeous, but after the perpetual screams of little sisters having their hair brushed– I would say, “CUT IT.”

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