OK I admit it

I am feeling p r e g n a n t !!!!

Actually I’m feeling great, unless I have to stand. Or sit. Or lie down.

It’s probably these Braxton Hicks that are coming at an alarming rate. It is making life uncomfortable. Sciatica is kicking in too.

But still – not ready to call it quits and have the baby. I don’t feel ready. I think I need these next few weeks to spend with the kids and prepare mentally, and get all those baby girl clothes out and stuff.  Plus I still have 2 dresses I need to sew for her to match her sisters.

You know I finally got Miriam’s room and clothes all set up on January 1, 2003 (with my mother in law’s help) and had Miriam on January 3?

Sigh. Guess I really would rather feel pregnant and be pregnant at this moment. Just ask me again in 3 weeks.

Pictures from the All Saints Party after church yesterday. My mother in law made their dresses.

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7 Responses to OK I admit it

  1. Awe….I hope you don’t feel too miserable.  Three weeks is a long time!  Get some rest and find a comfortable position.  Good luck and prayers.

  2. miriamel78 says:

    Hang in there.  You’re a pro at this!  The last few weeks do seem to be the longest, but maybe the upcoming holidays will make them go faster.  Here’s a Tums for you…

  3. hmmmm….ryc yesterday.  If you visit my site today, you might want to skip the first pic, ha ha.  Emily is mad that I took the photo.

  4. cute dresses. Oh man,…its coming down to the wire on this one.

  5. Akialuz says:

    i remember how that feels.  so worth it!  :o)  like the pix

  6. AnniWongTon says:

    They are just getting cuter and cuter. I am thinking about coming when your baby comes.

  7. ErinLandrum says:

    Perhaps a martini would help?

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