Went to Costco today and bought a membership. We are going to probably set up a monthly or bi monthly trip there to get the basic dry goods. I was amazed to see how much of a savings there really is from the grocery stores on certain items.

Then we brought Julie, Philip and Lucie home with us and had a nice afternoon sewing, hanging out, and the children playing.

I woke up at 7:45 this morning and got ready and straightened up my room, and also got a chance to pray, before the kids even got up! I made french toast and hot chocolate for them (it was a chilly morning!) and had to come lure them out of bed because it was cold. But just that 45 minute head start made for such a peaceful day!! I am going to try to do it again tomorrow. Slowly and little by little I hope to carve out a routine that works for us.

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  1. rmromero says:

    How you manage to do all that while pregnant I will never comprehend. Men truly are the inferior gender.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Costco and I’d love to actually get on a schedule….maybe by the 3rd or 4th child I actually get it accomplished

  3. miriamel78 says:

    Costco or Sams are the best places to buy diapers, if you use disposable ones.  I can get a whole month and a half’s worth for $23.  But some things are more expensive there if you are not carefull…..

  4. I could only find Huggies and a box of about 200 was $30. Not a bad price but I hate Huggies. I use Pampers. I have heard that Sam’s discounts damaged diaper boxes but I couldn’t find such a thing at Costco… what kind of diapers do you use?

  5. I really like Costco. I actually think it’s much better than Sam’s. Besides, Costco employees are treated better and paid better, so I’d rather support them than Sam’s.

  6. we are working on a schedule that works too. It makes things peaceful. A baby machine is a good thing. šŸ˜‰

  7. Alexologie says:

    Thanks!! I’m trying to get mysefl into a better morning schedule and straighten out my room more than twice a month. šŸ™‚

  8. hursthouse says:

    Wow, your kids sleep in that late?  Anyway, I do love it when I can get up before the children–it sure does make the day go by better!  Now if I can just be disciplined enough!    I left a message for you about the Sevciks in your message box.

  9. Akialuz says:

    We used to get diapers at Costco (Pampers) but we realised we get better deals when buying them on sale from the supermarket plus I get discount coupons in the mail (I subscribed to Pampers.com)

  10. miriamel78 says:

    I use the Sams brand diapers: I think they are called Smiles.  And they work just as well as Pampers.  I might be able to get Pampers cheaper at the supermarket if I couponed, but I really like buying diapers 1x a month and then not worrying about it any more.

  11. hursthouse says:

    I use Kirkland Diapers at Costco and I have been happy with them–that includes their wipes.  Milk is a lot cheaper (prices vary from store to store).  And bread is cheaper too–so is sandwich cheese.  And I love Costco meat and produce-  the prices are reasonable–esp. since it’s soo good.   Im still working on what is cheaper–I’ve been trying their detergent as well–so far so good, but still in the testing stage.

  12. bubbelcat says:

    String Cheese and Laughing Cow cheese, MAJOR discounts at Costco, lol!  Praying for me right now is synonomous (sp?) with showering.  It’s the only place it’s peaceful and quiet, lol.

  13. I am a store brand diaper girl as well. Namely target. I think I’ll have to buy costco brand.Pampers and huggies: so over rated. :p

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