11 months old today

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11 Responses to 11 months old today

  1. Happy 11 months old Søren! It seems like you just had him!

  2. Check out those eyes!!!!!!  He is fabulous.

  3. he’s so cute.
    my feet haven’t grown yet.(well other than their last trimester barge impression)
     uh-oh. third time’s the charm??

  4. Momof2js says:

    I cannot believe he is 11 months already.  Boy, that year flew by.
    Ugh, what a day for salad salesmen! Joe just left his office and it is almost 10.  Thankfully the E coli was not traced to his company. Ironically it is the organic company, Earthbound Farms.  Still, he dealt with crazed customers all day.  He thinks this might be the end of the category because it has neared the end of its life cycle anyway.  We’ll see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    HAPPY 11months to Søren!! I can’t believe that he is already 11months! Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were pregnant with him? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

  6. Akialuz says:

    i see that other tooth!!  :-B

  7. wow. he looks just like his grandpa…

  8. except for the beard of course lol

  9. JeniLiz says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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