A Family Activity

I managed to keep all three kids occupied with one thing. I asked Jireh to feed Soren. So naturally Miriam had to supervise, direct, and finally join in. They actually did a great job, tag teaming and teaching him the animal sounds. “Here comes the cow! Moo, moo moo! Yay, you ate the cow!” (Stuff I have never ever done with them…) Here is a photo of the grand event.

As you all know I am planning a home birth, but as a backup plan I
am using the same OB practice I used for all 3 kids, for lab work and
sonograms, etc. as well as prenatal care. (Mainly in case I end up
needing to deliver in the hospital, so they won’t be surprised to see
me.) Today I had an appointment at 10:15, which naturally required
massive effort to get three kids and myself washed, dressed and fed to
be out the door by 9am (so they could sit at my mother in law’s while I
went to the dr).

So I get to the doctor about 10:05 and check
in, and they take me right away for blood pressure/weight/etc. Then
they stuck me in the exam room where the MSN was going to come in,
listen to the heartbeat with a doppler (which I heard on Saturday
anyway, when my lay midwife made her monthly house call) and ask if I
had any questions (which I don’t). Oh, and probably yell at me for not
coming in since June 30. I’m waiting, waiting, waiting. I finished the
book I brought with me and checked the time on my cell phone. (By the
way did you ever notice they never have a clock in the exam rooms?) It
was 11:00 and nobody had so much as stuck her head in the room to tell
me what the wait was for, how long before I could expect them, or
anything polite like that.

I thought, why am I allowing myself
to be treated like this? I don’t even need these people. I showed up on
time by personal sacrifice, and they didn’t have the courtesy to do a 2
minute exam within a reasonable time frame, or let me know why I had to
wait 45 minutes for a 2 minute “hey hello.” So I got up and walked out.
Didn’t meet anyone in the halls. Nobody even called me until 30 minutes
later. I explained the situation to the phone nurse, told her I did not
think it was right to have to wait that long when it took me a huge
effort to be there on time. The kicker is, you have to pay for parking,
and if you go over an hour, you pay incrementally more. So basically
they are charging you for waiting for them. Anyway she told me she
would “see what she could work out” for me and call me back. (Didn’t
hear anything more.) Anyway, it was pretty empowering to take control
like that. I’ve always kind of wanted to do that.

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9 Responses to A Family Activity

  1. MamaMcGee says:

    I didn’t know you are planning a home birth!  I am contemplating it for baby #2 some day, Lord willing, and I have lots of questions, which I will most likely pepper you with AFTER you have experienced it

  2. Anonymous says:

    The girls feeding Søren is ADORABLE!! They will probably both (definitley Miriam) remember that forever! I can remember like it was yesterday constantly feeding my baby brother (3yrs younger) and “changing his diaper” and other mommy things! FUN TIMES! As far as walking out of your “dr appt” YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

  3. Akialuz says:

    very good for you Sarah!  yes, it happened to me once, while pregnant with Josh.  They did not only made wait for over an hour but when I finally went up to question (anth did not want me too.  he was too afraid of my angry face) the woman said I was marked as already attented!!  I was ready to go but Anth would not let me.  they rush me to the little examination room just to make me wait more.  I got up (did not let Anth talk) and raced outta there like demon possessed.  they tried to stop me and i was yelling at them…  hhaa… i heard all the calm-down-you-are-pregnant-it’s-not-good-for-you.  yeah, and waiting is!!  but never again i have waited too long.  ;o)  when they see me they greet me nicely by name and the nurse assures me i will be in soon. 

  4. miriamel78 says:

    Next time bring all your kids with you.  You will get seen VERY QUICKLY, LOL.  Every time I bring my kids I get seen much faster.   Also, my OB moved to his own practice so the nurse knows everyone who comes in and how long they have been there.

  5. JeniLiz says:

    Walked out of the Dr.’s office!
    You’re my hero!!

  6. nkweiss says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything less. You are a New Yorker, after all.

  7. Good for you!  That would be very empowering.  I have a friend that was in an office earlier this year, waiting in the exam room.  They waited, waited, waited.  It got very quiet outside in the hall area for about 20 minutes.  Finally got noisy again and someone came in and examined her.  When she got home, she found out those 20 minutes were when the tornado sirens had been going off in town.  Evidently the med.staff all evacuated to tornado shelters and left her sitting in the exam room.
    I love the pictures of your kids.  You must be a very patient mom!

  8. well that was annoying. Go sarah you let them know! 😉

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