Poll Time

Something I hear a lot is, “I am dying to see what this baby will look like!” Because so far, as my sister in law Jenny puts it, we have seen Model A (exactly like Sarah – child 1 and child 3) and Model B (exactly like Dave – child 2). If current trends continue, this baby is due to be Model B. So, go ahead and vote, and that way when the baby is born, if you were right, you can go around gloating that you knew it all along. After all, isn’t that what polls are for?

Which parent will the new Hodges girl look like?

Exactly like Dave
Exactly like Sarah
A mixture of both

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2 Responses to Poll Time

  1. chad_toney says:

    Like Dave, but girly!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I voted for a mixture. Since we already know what model A and model B look like, it’d be fun to see what A+B makes! It was great to see you yesterday. I’m sure someone told you, but your girls had a great time at JU! I dont think Miriam stopped dancing the whole time! Oh and I was giving Søren his bottle and he kept turning it around and trying to drink from the bottom of it and then smiling/giggling like it was funny! Sooo cute!

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