Fine Art on Wednesday

A Heart Going to School, by Miriam Hodges

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5 Responses to Fine Art on Wednesday

  1. WOW.
    next is a bumble bee chasing a potato chip.

  2. Saoirse27 says:

    hello, thanks for your post. so you’re married to MysteriumFidei! Dave, right? he’s been one of those very patient Catholics on xanga who have been helping me figure this out as I go. It’s nice to be able to put you two together. I think he knows Matthew (CatholicCrusader) and his brother Adam as well, who also used to post alot on my site when I first joined xanga. Of course I realize they’re both in seminary now and are abstaining from any use of the net.
    When you wrote that you believed in the ‘charism’ of the Church, I was wondering exactly what you meant by that…thinking along the lines of the word ‘charisma’; as in, attraction? so I looked it up to be sure. I frankly have not seen ‘charism’ used in that way. It’s defined as a synonym for “Christian”, actually. This was surprising. Are you saying, then, that the pure Christianity of the Church is infallible, and that because it is such, you’re optimistic…despite corruption in the hierarchy, controversies, or whatever else comes along?
    I would agree, as little as I know. At the very outset, as a startup premise of belief, SOMETHING has to be bigger than the weaknesses inherent in human nature & human involvement. SomeBODY has to be behind the wheel & in the driver’s seat here, i.e., God Himself. So yes, despite the questions I have had and am surely likely to have before I get through RCIA this year, I also basically trust the Church. At least…I’m learning to.
    thanks again for your post,
    all the best to you and Dave and your family (that’s some precious artwork you’ve got posted there btw)
    Gabriel Corrigan

  3. Akialuz says:

    wow.  great drawing!  and that’s a very proud heart!  :o)  ty for the advise.  i use Pampers.  I only use generics for potty trainning.  ;o)  maybe i will try the Luvs. 

  4. are you kidding? they read my guestbook every day.

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