A new tagging game.

Here are the rules. Post 3-5 funny or unusual things about each of your kids, and then tag 3-5 moms or dads on xanga to do the same.

1. When she decides she has to go to the potty, wherever she is in the house, her underwear comes down to her ankles, dress hiked up to her waist, and she waddles penguin-like all the way to the bathroom. She does this at other people’s houses as well.
2. Ever since she was first able to take off her clothes she has refused to go sleep (or even get under a blanket to watch a movie) without removing her clothes.
3. Miriam translates between her parents. Dave gives her messages for me in Spanish, but she tells me in English (and vice versa).
4. Also because of the bilingual thing (I’m guessing), she frequently puts her adjectives after the noun in English, as in “Those are my shoes brown.”

1. When I tell Jireh she only has one choice (of drink, or food, etc) she debates me until she realizes that she isn’t going to win. Then she suddenly says, “I sink so, I want water (or whatever it is I told her in the first place), Mommy. I sink so.”
2. When Jireh is happy with something she has received, she thanks whoever she is talking to for being obedient. As in, “Sank you be obedient my colors, Mommy.”
3. Jireh has the biggest appetite in the family (with the possible exception of me when I’m pregnant). It’s almost like having a dog – leftovers from everyone else find their way to her plate and stomach. I don’t know where she puts it all.
4. Jireh’s first word at 7 months was “hi” and she still is the first to greet people who come into the room with a loud, friendly, “Hi, [Name]!” She will do this with equal enthusiasm every time someone comes into a room, whether she has seen them 4 times in the last 10 minutes or for the first time that day.

1. Soren coos all day long. I call him my little turtle dove.
2. He likes to talk back to thunderstorms, and will stand in his crib facing the window and just chatter away. The louder the storm, the more he has to say.
3. Lately, now that he crawls and stands, he has been trying hard to keep up with his sisters. When they run into another room too fast for him to catch up, he will start crying pathetically and put his head on the floor.
4. He gets stuck from trying to crawl under a chair or into a small space at least once a day. (Usually in search of Cheerios on the floor.)

I tag:
1. meettheschlosas
2. bubbelcat
3. mamamcgee
4. bridgetann706


Negotiations over pickles

I already posted twice today but this was too funny to pass up so I had to edit.

I was giving the kids one of their favorite lunches: pickles, cheese and crackers (sometimes I add rolled up lunch meat if I have some). So I asked Miriam, “How many pickles, Miriam?” expecting her to say 1 or 2.
“Five,” she said very decidedly.
“How about two?” I asked.
“Hmm. How about four?” she piped up without a pause.
“How about two?”
“How about three?”
“How about two?”
“Three.” (with an air of finality)
“Alright, three.”

I couldn’t stop laughing for about two minutes. Can’t wait to bring her to a flea market, or the streets of Tijuana.

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7 Responses to A new tagging game.

  1. rmromero says:

    How unfair.  You should have a game in which people without kids can participate.  Quit repressing me!
    *been reading too many articles on priestesses lately*

  2. Saoirse27 says:

    hi, you don’t know me and I hope you won’t mind my commenting here, but I saw your post on Servitus’ site about the Jews…what you were saying sounded essentially like what I had been thinking originally (which I had mentioned to Servitus a while ago)…not that salvation still comes through Judaism; but that the Jews still have a special ‘role’ to play, as you said, eschatologically speaking. Just wondering if I read your comment right on that. thanks!
    Gabe C.

  3. Akialuz says:

    my kids translate too.  and somehow josh knows whom (from my family) he can make speak English to avoid Spanish conversations.  hah  i find very funny the “potty dance”…

  4. Man, i replied in my guestbook but it’s basically a post. i hope i don’t get in trouble.

  5. Momof2js says:

    You tag-maniac.  I loved reading those “quirks” about your kids, though.
    Oh, and you must have word-of-the-day toilet paper or something.  raconteur? I had to look it up!

  6. MaMaMollisa says:

    LOL.  I love stories about your kids… I was cracking up at the first odd thing about miriam and her “preparing” for a potty break all the way across someone else’s house.  LOL!

  7. Soren talking to thunderstorms…awww.

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