“Once you are tagged, you must post six things about yourself which
are either weird, unusual, habitual, or are just plain fun to hear
about (and true!). Once you post these things in your blog, you must
gently* tag six to ten others in the Xanga world, who then, in the
spirit of not wussing out, must read words like these and follow the
same rules you did”.

1. Ever since I got pregnant with Miriam, I can’t watch a horror movie.
2. I hate to feel air blowing on me. When the ceiling fan is on I have to hide under the covers and all my air vents point away from me in the car.
3. When I was in high school, I had lots of penpals, and I wrote about 10 hand written letters per week (long ones).
4. When I get up early, I’m a real morning person, and I love everything about getting up early, but I still sleep late every chance I get.
5. I really, really want a vegetable garden of my own.
6. I have a picture of President Richard Nixon that was autographed to me personally.

I tag –
jediknightincyberspace (try to limit it to 6 aimee ha ha)

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7 Responses to Tagged

  1. oh darn… haha go look at my new pics!

  2. Akialuz says:

    wow  just 6… i can hardly think of one but once i get the one…  blah blah blah  there i go!

  3. MaMaMollisa says:

    I can’t watch horror movies anymore, either, and I used to really like them.  As Johnson & Johnson says: Having a baby changes everything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have an autographed pic of Nixon? Autographed directly to you? How’d you come about getting that?

  5. I knew someone that worked in his building and he got it for me. He spelled my last name with 2 l’s but it’s still directly to me…

  6. I did. Now you must read it, as penalty for tagging. lol

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