Our dinner guest

For those of you who know me a while, you will remember this friend from long ago…

While we were eating dinner, Soren plowed through 2 zwieback toasts in about as many minutes, so we cleaned him up and let him crawl around. Look what happened:

This is the first time he has gotten into stuff! (Other than the bottom shelf of pans.) He opened the drawer and got out the bags and was having a grand old time, I hated to break it up.

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9 Responses to Our dinner guest

  1. nice clean floors!
    your old friend has a new friend that suits him well. (it sits on his face.)
    soren and jadon are gonna play sooo much together! i hope soren’s tough.

  2. holliep says:

    We had a couch just like that in our Idaho days. Weird.

  3. Momof2js says:

    Who is that? 
    I remember Miriam just missing her goal that day.  Joseph just made it to his. I’m about to serve dinner and he just came out of the bathroom after having much success. We’re getting there.

  4. Momof2js says:

    Looks very familiar to me which is why I asked.  I don’t know why though.

  5. Akialuz says:

    i like Soren’s picture.  first mischief eh!  :o)  cute cute

  6. bubbelcat says:

    Tag You’re It: 
    “Once you are tagged, you must post six things about yourself which are either weird, unusual, habitual, or are just plain fun to hear about (and true!). Once you post these things in your blog, you must gently* tag six to ten others in the Xanga world, who then, in the spirit of not wussing out, must read words like these and follow the same rules you did”.

  7. jonaminor says:

    Wow, it’s been several years since I’ve seen that old friend.  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen that couch, too (except previously here).  Both bring back memories, and both still seem like family, but together they’re doubly weird.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is that Ken G ?

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