I Love Play Doh

The girls have not moved from their booster chairs at the kitchen table for about an hour and a half. Woo hoo!!

This morning I found out Miriam thinks “busy” is a noun. “Mommy, you’re busy, and Papi’s busy, and Miriam is busy and Jireh is busy. We’re busies!”

Yesterday I gave Jireh’s hair a trim. She thought that her hair getting cut was supposed to be painful and kept crying while I tried to convince her that hair doesn’t have any nerve endings. Reminded me of the time my sister Anna got a nosebleed and thought since it was bleeding it must be painful so she kept saying “ow ow ow.” Heh.

Anyway, later in the day Jireh disappeared and I sent Miriam to find her. Miriam came back saying she was playing with the scissors, so I rushed to the scene and found several long (6″) clumps of Miriam’s hair on the floor, the chair, and hanging from Miriam’s head. Luckily, now it just looks like an intentionally layered cut and not like a 2 year old took a scissor to it. Hmm, yet another future career possibility for Jireh.

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8 Responses to I Love Play Doh

  1. at least it looks intentional. Mom says when I was that age I got her scissors and cut my bangs completely off, which probably did not look intentional. lol

  2. My sister cut off all the hair on her brand new doll.  My mom was upset–my sister insisted it would grow back.
    Is it hot where you live?  It’s horrible here in Southern Jersey.  The 30 minute ride to the prison where I am employed is just awful.  The prison is close to the Delaware Bay.  As soon as I cross over the Maurice River–it stinks of salt marsh gas.  I love hot weather, but the humidity is making even me look forward to autumn.

  3. AnniWongTon says:

    Hey! It did hurt! How do you know it doesn’t if you weren’t the one bleeding!!! Stop making fun of me!

  4. Momof2js says:

    Oh no, the scissor day – every mom has one. Joseph just recently did his own; taking craft scissors and cutting a chunk right at the scalp. He handed me a bit and I thought that was all that he had cut until he walked in front of a fan and hair flew in all directions off his head! 
    No need for a cake!  I’ll take the party though. I’m a party girl; always up for fun.

  5. Le mien est fait avec carottes, canneberges sèches, et dressage de ranch.Êtes-vous à l’aise ?

  6. bubbelcat says:

    Oh, I hate when they discover the scissors!  I just trimmed Catherine’s bangs and you’d have thought I was killing her but it didn’t stop her from wanting to try “trimming” everything in sight, sigh…  They really are alike, Catherine and Jireh.

  7. liv says:

    Thank you! I don’t know how you do the whole pregnancy thing while chasing around three little ones.. Hopefully its been a good one for you.

  8. mr_jargon says:

    I never figured out how she does it either. Perhaps she’ll write a book on the subject, while she’s doing everything else…

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