Productive Day

I had an amazingly productive day yesterday, and even I’m surprised, because I took so many breaks! I always tell people to take breaks and work for fifteen minutes at a time, but I’m still taken aback by how much it really accomplishes. And at the end of the day I was still alert enough to play some poker with Dave, Julie and Colleen.  We never finished the game because the girls had to leave but it was fun.

As for what I accomplished, I decluttered the entire first floor, including my bedroom closet, my desk, the kitchen and dining room, dusted, and cleaned the kitchen spotless from wall to shining wall. I had help with the floors and bathrooms and with rearranging the living room, and today I am going to concentrate on food prep and getting everything in the girls’ room out of sight so it doesn’t all end up back down here.

All this work is for a barbecue we are throwing tomorrow “for Jireh.” Should be a fun time, if it doesn’t rain.

For some reason Jireh thinks that “Now watch this, kids!” is the funniest line in the world and she and Miriam repeat it to each other ad nauseam, laughing hysterically each time.

And Miriam just came up to me and said “Sarah. Sarah, I love you.” 

I better finish my coffee. Talk at you later.

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2 Responses to Productive Day

  1. productivity is sweetness to the soul.Your girls are too much.

  2. AnniWongTon says:

    Miss you guys! When are you coming to visit again?

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