Sunday Morning Bustle

Amid the bustle of our morning getting-ready routine, Soren found a quiet place to lay his head… in the doorway of my room.

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7 Responses to Sunday Morning Bustle

  1. So cute. How can you not love them up?

  2. miriamel78 says:

    he must be crawling……that’s an image to keep!!

  3. Akialuz says:

    awwwww  so sweet!!  i did not know he sucks his thumb.  does he?

  4. oh my goodness.
    i’m in love with him.
    when are you visiting?

  5. Yes, he sucks his thumb…he’s model A, after all (Model A’s look like me and suck their thumbs). I’m expecting the next baby to be model B – take a pacifier and look like Dave.

  6. hursthouse says:

    Very cute!!!  How nice to be able to sleep wherever, huh?  Well, any picturres of anybody sleeping –I get pretty jealous 🙂

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