pictures (finally)

Fun with bubbles

Do you think Jireh will be a good interior decorator when she grows up?

Soren hanging out

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6 Responses to pictures (finally)

  1. Akialuz says:

    oh wow!  I have a very similar decoration (by Angelina) on my bedroom’s wall and haven’t fix it in months!!  :o( shame on me, I know.  tried to wipe it off but did not work. 

  2. I think Jireh used washable crayons, but if not I am going to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That works great on walls.

  3. i was gonna say use magic eraser. great minds…it’s really good drawing! lori (i think) told me about this lady who would put paper on her walls on the bottom so the kids could draw, but i don’t know if that would get them too used to drawing on walls…soren leah it okay if i say how cute he is when he looks so much like me? xops- everytime i see your million tickers i laugh.

  4. smk1979 says:

    She and AG could have their own business. We had “couch art” one day last year. It hasn’t happened again. She really was proud of her creation and shocked when reprimanded. It is funny and not at the same time!

  5. I wonder if they have been watching Hilde at work in Trading Spaces without our knowledge?

  6. Anonymous says:

    lol….I’m loveing your new wallpaper! lol

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