sick house

All three kids have taken colds since Monday and I’m about to go crazy. Soren especially, poor thing, will not stop crying, whether I hold him or not. It’s the first time he has been sick that he is acting this way. He is usually such a trooper about it. It’s very sad. Yesterday night, Jireh was crying so much that she gagged on her mucous and threw up on my bedroom carpet. Speaking of which I guess I’d better put the stuff in the dryer. But it will have to wait, Soren is finally sitting quietly on my lap. When he starts crying again I will have to go clean up his crib, which is a poopy mess right now. Oh yeah and my breakfast (toast) is probably getting cold in the toaster.
It’s another One of Those Days. (I’m so tempted to dispense benadryl all around for some peace and quiet!!!!!!!)

Enjoy yours!!


I figured out one way to keep him manageable! So far so good…

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4 Responses to sick house

  1. holliep says:

    That scenario sounds all too familiar. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh no!!!!!!!!

  3. i’m sorry they are all sick 😦 naomi and i are recovering from a summer cold, but thankfully nick and kaiya have avoided anything. i still can’t believe how close soren and naomi are in age…i love it 🙂

  4. Akialuz says:

    Josh has a scary cough… a very dry one.  i say scary b/c reminds me so much of his asthma attacks.  i hope yours all get better soon. 

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