Guessing games

Once upon a time, before sonograms were popular, there was a doctor who was said to have a 100% accuracy rate in predicting the sex of a pregnant woman’s baby. He would tell them his guess, then go to his desk, write something down, and put it in a sealed envelope in their chart. On the occasions when what he had said was disputed, every time they opened the envelope, the correct prediction was inside.

When he was about to retire, his young partner asked him how he arrived at his predictions. Was there some sort of test, or a way the woman looked, that tipped him off? The doctor replied, “Son, I just made a guess, and wrote down the opposite in the envelope. The only time I was questioned is when I guessed wrong, and we’d open the envelope and see the prediction was right after all.”

I just want to get it on record, before I go to the doctor’s office, that I think this baby is a boy. So if I am wrong, I will just go back and delete this post. 
I might find out today what kind of baby it is, but if not today, probably within the next week or so.

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