Friday’s the day

Well, I had absolutely everything BUT a sonogram today. The ultrasound technician was not there today so I will be going Friday after lunch to get a firmer due date, find out the baby’s size, and whether it’s a he or a she! So… the update is postponed.

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14 Responses to Friday’s the day

  1. melsevcik says:

    Do you remember what the baby’s heartbeat was?  Low-boy, hi-girl.  Some people say it doesn’t hold, but it did for me…all three times!  I think I am about one month ahead of you, I expect the baby to come around the end of October but the official due date is Nov 2nd. 

  2. Ahh the suspense. 😉

  3. sunlesssea says:

    Aww grumblegrumble.

  4. It was 140 yesterday and also this morning by my midwife’s doppler. That sounds lower than the girls – who were usually around 150 – but she said it was high… I guess we will see tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous says:

    AHH!!! I cant wait!!! What time are you going?

  6. have you got names picked out yet?

  7. i wondered why you didn’t call.
    now i know.
    well good thing you didn’t, anyway. we were at the movies again. we saw superman.

  8. I did call. Nobody answered. Ha.

  9. Aimee – yes we have names for both.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to share the names or will it be a surprise?

  11. we don’t really care if people know – but, i’m not sure yet.

  12. We’d love to know. I’m sure you knew that though.WE’ll all be ready. 😉

  13. melsevcik says:

    140 sounds boy but you’ll know tomorrow!!  Can’t wait to hear! 

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