We had Dave’s younger brother and family over last night and realized that their 14 month old daughter is just about the same size as Soren! It’s pretty funny. He sure grew fast from such a scrawny baby.
Soren turns 8 months old today!

Soren and Lucie

Here is a picture of him at 5 months:

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9 Responses to Comparisons

  1. Soren is so cute. Especially in the first picture. Now is lucie picking his nose for him in the third one?

  2. LOL not really sure. I think she is just pointing on him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    tee hee! that was my swim suit! lol

  4. Momof2js says:

    I just read your posts from the last several days. Nice pics of the visit with your friend and very funny exchange about the box. Only funny because I have the exact same conversation with Jacob until Joseph jumps in to bring the requested item and suddenly Jacob finds it.  I used to think that taking verbal directional ques was just too abstract and now I know it is a game. 
    Oh, and about the honesty of a cream cheese with bagel on it, Jacob simply asks for “cream cheese in a bowl with a spoon.” ha ha! (which is how I would like it too).

  5. melsevcik says:

    Soren is so adorable! 

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