Warning Signs

When Miriam was born I couldn’t wait for her to get to the next milestone. Boy, was I in a rush. By the time she was crawling I realized “Hey, what was I in such a hurry for again?” Being mobile means being headed for trouble– which means more supervision time from me! (No, I’m not one of those moms who won’t take a shower when the baby is sleeping in their crib “just in case.”) It means training has to start; “don’t touch” and “no” start making their appearances. Limits are set. And violated. And re-set. And so on.

So now instead of seeing “the next thing” as a purely joyous moment of motherly pride, I tend also to think of them as warning signs.

Soren has started getting up on all fours and rocking.

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15 Responses to Warning Signs

  1. Momof2js says:

    you are so right that a first-time mommy counts the moments for those milestones and then after that, you sort of cheer and groan at the same time.
    If you saw Joey’s tonsels, you’d be amazed that he can breathe at all. In fact, he sounds like an old man and everyone who hears him sleeping [in church for instance] tells me to have him checked at a sleep center.  His tonsels are almost touching each other, which means his airway is blocked and his eustacian tubes as well. The ENT wanted to wait until he was 3 to remove them.  Why are his tonsels big? Not sure, except that mine were too as a child. Jacob’s are too and his are next to come out.  I guess allergies could be the cause too…he hasn’t been tested and has never shown other signs of lactose intolerance or anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you SOOO much for your advice. I knew I felt that way, I just need to hear those things from other experienced moms. Your kids found their own schedule? I was starting to think he might do that, but I wasnt sure. The only things I have noticed so far is that he naps usually between 10and 12:30 and he goes down for the night around 11:30pm. Everything else varies so far though.Sorens getting mobile, huh?! So how does 1 person (a mom) go in 3 different directions at once? Wow thats a skill indeed!

  3. Momof2js says:

    He’ll be 3 in October but the surgery is set for next Wednesday so we only have 1 more week to get through!

  4. covigirl512 says:

    I was enjoying each stage of my first (and currently only) child so much that I was afraid of how the next one would change things.  But then, I’m normally kind of xenophobic.
    Anyway, I was thinking about it, and I realized that you and I may have met once.  I remember your dad coming to my church in Michigan (Ray Joseph was the pastor) maybe 6 or 7 years ago and speaking during our fellowship lunch.  I’m pretty sure that you were the daughter he brought with him; does that ring any bells?  I don’t expect that you would remember me, as I think we were just introduced briefly.

  5. Cute. I won’t say I can’t wait till Sam does it……But I’ll be glad when that time finally gets here.

  6. melsevcik says:

    I got the dresses today,  they are great!!!! Thank you!!  Keep an eye out for your box back, and don’t be tempted to yell because someone left the garbage bags by the front door instead of just bringing them in like I almost did.  (in my defense, I had just gotten back from Costco when the box came)     
    Re: Milestones…My son was always so frustrated when he couldn’t do something that I was quite relieved when the milestone came even if it required more of me.  At least look at it this way, you have two helpers this time-I am sure they will do their best to keep him on the straight and narrow. 

  7. covigirl512 says:

    Maybe so; I don’t have any specific event to link it to, I just know it was a while ago.

  8. naomi is doing the rocking thing too…i love it!

  9. so how ya feeling? how’re the girls doing with the potty?

  10. btw, i’d love to visit!!

  11. So…what time is poker tonight??

  12. well, no cut on the ear, but i’m treating her from home as if it’s swimmer’s ear (that’s what symptoms are leading towards) so i just got an OTC to treat it.  we go tuesday for a check-up, so if i’m wrong, we’ll find out then.  your mom treated her today for skinned knees 😦  she’s just not having a good day.  we’ll see what tomorrow brings 🙂

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