When you don’t have much to say

A picture or few can save the day…




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8 Responses to When you don’t have much to say

  1. Cuties. How are you feeling Sarah?Second trimester yet?

  2. Just gaggy isn’t to bad at all. But I’ll pray for your energy. I can imagine it’s needed.

  3. MaMaMollisa says:

    🙂  So adorable!!  Your kids always look so happy!

  4. holliep says:

    miriam’s pigtail braids are too cute.

  5. melsevcik says:

    A birthday?  Or did you go kid friendly on Mother’s Day?  I love your girls matching outfits, my mom used to dress my sister and I alike.   I hated it when I was little, but now I think it is so cute! 

  6. It was a friend’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday.

  7. MaMaMollisa says:

    Thanks for the advice, Sarah.  🙂  I am trying to rest… but time goes so much slower when I am not doing things.  🙂  I should get creative and make necklaces or something… be busy and rest at the same time. 
    I don’t want to go over my due date, but I’m starting to feel like I could… and like, to God, it’s more important for me to show patience than for me to have this baby in the next day.  So I am trying to be patient like I know He wants me to do.  🙂

  8. haha- you should see the Rican in him if I put on Black Eyed Peas!

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