Dave took my car to work today to get my oil changed for me. I used to
be so good about doing that every 3,000 miles, but something about
having 3 kids in carseats to
sit in a little waiting room while they change the oil… doesn’t seem
so appealing. I think I’ve put 7000 miles on since my last oil change.
!! (Highway miles!! Don’t look at me like that! They were highway miles!!)

We had a good weekend. Friday night we went to the Howards’ and played
some poker. Dave and I each won a tournament with a different Howard
coming in second (yeah, we played 2). Yesterday we went to see our dear
friends again and the kids played together outside for a good long
time. After we put them to bed, it was tourney time again and we had 2
more. This time Dave and I took first and second in both games.
(*sympathetic look directed toward Howards*). I wondered aloud to Dave
how long they would continue to want to play with us if we keep

Anyone else hate the new weblog editor? Maybe I’m just change-resistant?

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  1. Momof2js says:

    Don’t you get tired of playing the same game?  Well, I guess not if you always win…
    I’m torn about the xanga-lock feature.  While I think it is a great idea, I have a handful of friends who tell me they read my blog but have never taken the time to sign in so they can post back. I’d hate to make them mad, but I’d love to know when they are there…I’ll have to chew on it.  I didn’t think outside search engines could find my blog anyway (I thought I had thoroughly tested that…)

  2. By the way, Rob took second in the first tournament on Sunday, thank you very much. And about our continuing to play. We’ll keeping going until our poker till is empty. LOL It helps if we keep in mind that the reason we have so much to play on from our initial investment is directly related to how much we (Rob) have won in the past. I have to say, unrelated to buyins, there must be something out there that would be equally entertaining with which to occasionally replace Poker. But who am I to stand in the way of our husband’s happiness?

  3. Bethie, Bethie. I recall, in the first game, I had the chip lead by a wide margin, and when Rob went all in against Dave and lost, we called the game because only Dave & I were left. Remember you said “are you sure you guys don’t want to play for first?” That is how we got the second tournament started right away. So I’m pretty sure we won first and second in BOTH games. I know because we came home exactly $20 richer than we had come and nobody had rebought either time on Sunday (you went out first both times and then it was the 3 of us until game over). Is it coming back to you?…. you might be confusing it with the games on Friday perhaps?

  4. PS I would totally love to go back to a word game or something to break it up now and then. Maybe we’ll keep trying to empty your poker tin. And yes, I know, “It’s all a beeg joke ennyway, you are paying us weeth our own mahnee.”

  5. PPS How much money would you like to bet againt my prediction that Rob will simply re-fund the poker money and continue to play even if you end up with zero money in there?

  6. PPPS it would be funny if Rob justified this hypothetical refinancing by exegeting the word until to mean “we will play until our money runs out, and perhaps even after” instead of using the word until to mean “and after that point, we will stop.” Because you see, if he does that, he will have conceded the perpetual virginity of Mary.

  7. Maybe it was Friday, But I was pretty sure that we only had to put another five down for the second tournanment. You know, as sure as I think it was Sunday, it really could just as easily been Friday. Too many games, too close together. My poor brain can’t handle much more of this. Note the eprops. You cna take our money, but I don’t HAVE to give you 2 eprops ……:)

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