There was a single long stemmed rose growing out by the shed. When I
saw it in bloom I decided to bring it in since I knew it wouldn’t be
long for this world. It smells beautiful!

I found a new website that the girls have been enjoying, it’s
It is very well done; the only complaint I have is that the woman sings
the songs herself and it sounds a bit awful at times, but the girls
obviously don’t mind.

I was looking on yesterday and found several things in my
shopping cart that I hadn’t put there. Then I realized that the nursery
rhyme site advertises Amazon products, and the kids have probably
clicked on them and added them to my cart while playing on the site.
So, just a word to the wise, if you let your kids play with this site,
make sure your Amazon one-click ordering is turned off.

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  1. Akialuz says:

    hm!  I also have a single flower (don’t ask the name, it was brought to me by Anya) adorning a very similar to yours Mikasa vase on my dining room table. 
    My children have also added stuff to my amazon cart.  LOL  In my case I’ve just  left the window open while they play on the starfall site.  I shouldn’t say “my children” but ‘my child’; Joshua that is.  It hasn’t happened in a while!  :o) But still the annoying “pending jobs” on the printer…

  2. Akialuz says:

    oh, I meant to say:  That rose is beautiful!!!

  3. klovato says:

    What an awesome site! My kids like playing the piano!

  4. Akialuz says:

    SARAH!!  I was kind of enjoying that site until I hit the “La Cucaracha” song.  Well, not only bad spelling and poor pronunciation.  That’s meaningless compared to the lyrics…  that version is the “spoof”.  It says that “la cucaracha cannot walk for lacking of marijuana”.  If next itme I go to PR having my children singing that!!  LOL

  5. MaMaMollisa says:

    Thanks for the labor advice.  šŸ™‚  You had some good stuff I hadn’t heard yet, so I appreciate that!!  I figure you’re getting pretty good at knowing, going on your fourth.  šŸ˜‰  I got Evening Primrose Oil this morning… will try it tonight.  Thanks!
    Oh… the rose is beautiful. šŸ™‚

  6. holliep says:

    Thanks for the link. We’ll have fun playing around with it.

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