Captive Audience

There are a few people who don’t appreciate attention. I’m not really
one of them. I may blush and stammer and beg you to stop, but deep down
I’m enjoying every minute.

Maybe that’s one reason, no matter how much work, hassle, and headache
they cause me, I still actually like having lots of children. From the
newborn who stares at me as if to say “You are the most amazing person
in the world and there is nothing I would rather do than look at you
all day,” to the toddler who follows me into the bathroom, to the
preschooler who narrates my every move and liberally adds “Great job, Mommy!”, I get my fair share of attention.

So I realized today, I have my very own 24/7 audience. And although
they can be tough critics at times, in general, I get rave reviews.

‘Course, they don’t get out much.

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8 Responses to Captive Audience

  1. lol! i like attention too. i guess i should be grateful for no privacy ever?!

  2. Sweet. I actually hate attention. The feeling of being watched? Yuk.But I don’t think I’d mind a bunch of cherubs in love with thir mother.

  3. Ha! I don’t know what inspired the Sa, but once it was there, I decided it suited my mood. Probably how it got there in the first place. Have you recovered from your weekend (Friday night)yet? After trying both yesterday and the day before, I finally took a real nap this afternoon and actually feel awake!

  4. Akialuz says:

    attention.  It all depends from whom it comes from? 
    hah. yes it’s my try for a “perfect” Haiku.  I like poems.  :o)

  5. haha…i guess i’m with grace.  i’m not one for attention.  except when it’s on my terms πŸ˜‰

  6. holliep says:

    It’s the best kind of attention too. Right now, my little guys think their mommy is the coolest, funniest, smartest, prettiest girl around. How can I not like that?

  7. melsevcik says:

    It is fun being the love object of my children’s life for this short span in time anyway!  The hard part is having to watch what I say as everything is being repeated and copied! 

  8. Thats comforting. I’m bored of the ” why does he cry so much? or why is he so fussy?” Like I know. πŸ˜‰ I guess I just have to burp him more often.

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