Body Alphabet, Head Bis, and a Smile to brighten your day

Miriam was very excited that she made the letter “I” with her body and
the pillows. She is obsessed with forming letters with food, sticks,
pieces of string, and her fingers. She is even learning the ASL
alphabet (of her own initiative).

This is what Dave’s family calls a “head bis.” Why is a freshly made bed so inviting, anyway?

They don’t get much sweeter than this.  I’m trying to enjoy it now before original sin kicks in.

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10 Responses to Body Alphabet, Head Bis, and a Smile to brighten your day

  1. AAAH SOOOO CUTE. Unquote.

  2. Akialuz says:

    have I told you how much Anth loves Miriam’s hair!  he hopes Aggie will have hair like that.  Anytime we talk abt Aggie’s, ahem, hair…  he utters the same sentence:  Do you know who’s hair I really like?  Miriam’s. 
    Soren does look sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.  :o)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you mean the effects of original sin to kick in.
    By the way, the reason I asked about the meat is that to-day (according to the modern 1983 Code of Canon Law) if the feast-day is a “solemnity” (the term used in the Novus Ordo calendar), then abstinence is dispensed (fast is not mentioned, since the only two days that fast is required, viz. Ash Wednesday & Good Friday, overtake any feast-day on which they would occur). This is novel, of course, and ought to be avoided. The reason that to-day is a Double of the I. Class is that Easter has a Privileged Octave of the I. Rank, so every day in the octave is a Double of the I. Class (the highest rank of feast). In the 1917 Code of Canon Law, one was dispensed from fast and abstinence on holydays of obligation which fell outside of Lent. Fast and abstinence were never dispensed within Lent before 1917 (except from the fast but not abstinence on Sundays), but by the 1917 Code, abstinence was only required on three days of the week, viz. Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Prior to the 1917 Code, one was not dispensed from (at least Friday)abstinence except if Christmas day were to fall on Friday, according to custom (which dispensation has existed at least since the XII. or XIII. century). I am unaware, however, whether one was dispensed from abstinence on other required days, e.g., Ember days, Rogation days, vigils. That is the spiel on Canon Law for to-day.

  4. Hi! This is Rebekah (Eyre) Tucker! I’ve been meaning to comment on your blog and say hi…but last time I tried I think I did something wrong because it didn’t let me comment. Anyway…congratulations on your pregnancy, and did you know that my oldest is a day older than your oldest? You have cute kids. If you want to see pictures of mine, go to Forrest’s blog:

  5. hursthouse says:

    Cute pics!!! I enjoyed your reality tv blog!  They have nothing up on us moms-of-several, do they?

  6. I read your comment on Matthew’s site regarding the Catechism.  I was interested in your observation about believing Traditionalists see N.O. Catholics as second class.  From my personal experience, when I found out what the Tridentine Rite was all about, I felt cheated.  There ought to be access to the Latin Mass without jumping through hoops with a recalcitrant Bishop, or having to drive long distances.  I still attend a Novus Ordo parish, but I really believe that the vernacular was translated from the Latin in a way that (again, my opinion) leaves a shell of what once existed.  I used to be extremely agitated at Matthew and all of the Tridentine Rite adherents because I thought they were arrogant and disrespectful.  I changed my mind when I finally actually READ the Latin Mass.  When compared to the N.O., the Latin Mass is a slam dunk over the Novus Ordo in its reverance for our Lord and in conveying the doctrines of the faith.  Again, just my opinion.
    CUTE PICS!  By the way, I hated Huggies.  I always used Luvs. 

  7. Momof2js says:

    What is the ASL alphabet? 
    That is a sweet and sinless-appearing smile.  When Jacob was about 4 days, I remember wailing to Adrienne that I just couldn’t get “this nursing” down right. Was I doing something wrong or was he just fighting me because he was sinful. Your dad actually called me (literally still laughing) when Ady had told him the story (and probably all of you).  “Sinful?, he said, “He doesn’t even know he has a sin nature yet! ha ha ha hahha…here talk to Jeannie, she’ll tell you what to do.”  I still laugh at that myself.  Silly first-time  mommy. 

  8. JeniLiz says:

    I really enjoy the 6 mo. to 1 yr. range. They are so cute and curious and lovable. They haven’t figured out how to say “no” or dunk their heads in the toilet… yet.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Awww! so cute!
    I have pics on my xanga finally again! lol

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