Startin’ right in… not even a coupla “Hello, stupids”!

This is what I found upon coming out of the shower this morning:

courtesy of Jireh

Yeah, it’s baby powder. Speaking of diapers, when I was changing the
girls this morning, the tab ripped right off the (stupid) Huggies
diaper I was putting on Jireh. So I thought, hey, I’ll try a trick I
read about. You use that diaper and put another diaper over it, that
way you have 2 tabs on the outside diaper and the inside one does not
go to waste. Then when you change them, slip out the inside one and you
have the outside one all clean and ready to go. Right? Not so with
Jireh. She managed to mess up the outside one too. How do they do it?

Well, I have a lot to do today so I’d better get started.

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5 Responses to Startin’ right in… not even a coupla “Hello, stupids”!

  1. oh shoot!
    thanks for the recipe- jenya said it sounds great and they love chili.
    i love the picture of soren from yesterday.

  2. Momof2js says:

    Phew, that would make me want to go right back to bed and start over.  We are potty training today.  So far so good, only one accident…of course it was of the #2 variety and of course, he couldn’t be in the hardwood section of the house..nope, right on the carpet.  Delightful.
    Can’t believe that day out you had…and to do it all pregnant!  So nice that you have in laws that are so welcoming and let you hang out even if they are out.   That must be a blessing, especially on days like that.  I would love that. My friend Sally (you met her before) is like that for me.  She is a great blessing to me.

  3. My son pulled one of those, but with the bathtub cleaner powder.  Child-proofing is totally a lost cause with him!  Luckily, he spreads it, but won’t eat it.
    Tobasco!  Oh my goodness!  My husband once gave Thomas a chip with hot salsa on it.  Thomas went running around the house screaming and hitting himself in the mouth…  I am so happy my husband thought that through…
    Adorable kids, by the way!

  4. Anonymous says:

     I say old bean, it’s nice to meet another P.G.Wodehouse fan! If I didn’t know better, I’d say P.G. was thinking about me when he invented Lord Emsworth. Or maybe God was thinking about Lord Emsworth when He invented me. Whatever.
     That’s a fine mess, the child shows promise in the area of abstract art! Just thank your lucky stars it was only baby powder, LOL.

  5. robhoward says:

    seriously.that other stuff is so expensive, unless you just drive yourself to Colombia, but who has that kind of time?

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